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12 Easy & Stylish Artificial Plant Décor Ideas for Your Home

12 Easy & Stylish Artificial Plant Décor Ideas for Your Home

12 Easy & Stylish Artificial Plant Décor Ideas for Your Home


Luscious plants are a wonderful way to add a refreshing pop of colour to your home and bring in an element of nature. Unless, of course, if they’re limp, going brown, or dead. If you lack a green thumb or simply don’t want to worry about watering and pruning plants, artificial plants offer you the best of both worlds. Read on for 12 great artificial plant décor ideas to brighten up your home.


1. Use flowers and foliage to make a seasonal table centrepiece.

flowers table centrepiece

You can opt for a rustic look by arranging your artificial plants and flowers in a mason jar or use a vase. Don’t be afraid to use foliate around the vase either, since you don’t need to worry about keeping the stems in water. Change your centrepiece with the season so it looks fresh year-round!


2. Use a large artificial plant to help distinguish different spaces in an open-plan layout.

If you have an open plan home, you may want to create some separation between your living room and kitchen. And while an actual room divider often makes the room feel dark and cramped, a large plant can subtly divide the two spaces. 


3. Use plant shelves for added dimension and colour.

trailing artificial ivy shelf

A dedicated plant shelf or two looks cute and adds plenty of texture and color to a room, whether it’s the bathroom, kitchen, or living space. You can play with the size, textures, style, and color of both the artificial plants and the pots. And, because you don’t have to worry about light or ease of watering, it can go anywhere in your home!


4. Bring a touch of the tropical.

tropical artificial palm tree

Do you spend most of your time dreaming about the Bahamas? Regardless, keeping tropical plants happy in the standard British home can pose a challenge, so an easy way to keep a summery vibe in your home is to choose tropical artificial plants. Think paradise palms, Montserrat plants, and banana palms.


5. Use artificial plants to brighten your balcony, patio, or garden!

There’s no rule that says all outside plants must be real. As we’ve mentioned, one of the biggest benefits of artificial plants is that they never die, no matter how cold the British weather gets! If you want a garden that is filled with lush and bushy plants all year long, artificial plants are the way to go.

Of course, artificial plants are also perfect for balconies and patios. If you have close neighbours and want to create some distance, use artificial hanging plants and foliage to add extra privacy. Add some fairy lights among the leaves for added atmosphere at night.


6. Use little artificial succulents to accent bookcases, shelves, desks, and tables.

faux succulents

Succulents are the little cute plants that typically have “juicy” leaves, and they’re the perfect way to add a pop of green to a space that can end up getting cluttered. Use them to style bookcases, bathroom shelves, bedside tables, and side tables.  


7. Use parlor palms to emphasize mid-century décor.

The simple yet stylish furniture of the 1930s through 1950s has come back in a big way and works surprisingly well with our modern technology. If you love that look, use plenty of plants for a touch of authenticity. Parlor palms are perfect, but almost any style will work with the right pot.




8. Hang your plants!

hanging baskets

Macrame and bamboo plant hangers are extremely popular right now and for a good reason. Not only do hanging plants create visual height in a room, but they also leave more floor space, making a room look bigger. Whether it’s a spider plant, silk pothos, or a string of pearls, a trailing artificial plant is a great addition to any room. Try hanging them in a bathroom window to give the room more vitality.


9. Use plants to soften hard lines or materials.

artificial plants

Plants make hard edges and awkward recesses look a little softer, so place them on or near any area of the room you feel looks a little too industrial or utilitarian.


10. Make a terrarium.

Terrariums are glass containers filled with plants, typically mosses and ferns or pebbles and succulents or cacti. There are two big problems with a live terrarium: 1) they’re notoriously expensive to buy and 2) they’re incredibly difficult to keep alive. If you love the look, buy or create one with artificial plants instead! You don’t have to worry about keeping things damp, the right temperature, or making sure it gets enough light, but it will look just as beautiful.  


11. Place artificial plants in that awkward dead space above your kitchen cabinets.

We all have it – that foot gap between the top of the kitchen cabinets and the ceiling. Most of the time, it’s just dusty and dark, so add artificial plants to draw the eye up and make the room feel bigger and lighter.


12. Add a touch of luxury with a vertical garden wall.

artificial green wall panel

A small wall covered in plants is a big trend right now and is almost exclusively found in luxury homes. However, it’s actually pretty easy to recreate. Get your hands on some garden trellis, attach it to the wall, and fix your artificial plants to the hinges of your trellis or weave them around the trellis for an eye-catching display!


Artificial plants can bring as much brightness and beauty to a room as real plants. Nowadays, the quality is so good that they’re almost indistinguishable from real plants, so why not bring some artificial plants into your home and add a splash of greenery? See our full range here



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