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FREE Next Day Delivery Over £50 | 15% Off Your First Order | 90 Day Returns | One Real Tree Planted With EVERY Order
FREE Next Day Delivery Over £50
15% Off Your First Order
 90 Day Returns
One Real Tree Planted With EVERY Order

About Us

Discover beautiful and realistic faux plants for low maintenance style, with Artificial Eden®…


From houseplants that will breathe life into your home, to artificial trees, flowers and even green walls, at Artificial Eden® we specialise in luxury faux greenery. Greenery in and around the home is more popular than ever before, but with lots of plants comes lots of maintenance. Weekly watering, feeding, pruning and repotting all take time and energy, which many of us are short of. We offer a solution - realistic and low maintenance faux greenery, so that you can achieve the look you love, without adding to your list of responsibilities… 

Our ‘Why’...

Our busy 21st century lifestyles are more demanding than ever before. We are all working hard to build and maintain our lives, so when you get home at the end of a long day, the last thing you want to worry about is your houseplants or the garden. However, our homes should be our sanctuaries - a space to relax, unwind and feel good in.

Plants have the ability to transform a space. Have you ever moved your houseplants out of a room for watering? It looks empty, unloved and lifeless. Plants breathe life into a space, whether that be indoors or outdoors. Known to have a calming effect, plants are a great way to create that sanctuary - a place where you can feel at ease, be more mindful and recover from a busy week.

We help you achieve this, by creating beautiful plants that require little to no maintenance. You can create the look and feel you desire, without adding to your workload.

Our Commitment…

We have made it our mission to ensure that all of our products are of a premium quality, designed to look just like the real thing. We have a wide range of products, from small to large houseplants, trees that even use real bark trunks, artificial green walls worthy of Instagramming and much more. We are committed to helping you create the home you desire, without creating extra work for yourself.

Our products are of luxury quality too - each and every piece has been designed and made by hand by our team of trained and passionate horticulturalists. This enables us to replicate the intricate details found naturally in plants, trees and flowers, so that we can create a collection that’s high-end and realistic.

Our aim is also to inspire you, offering a wealth of advice, information and inspiration to help you create your dream home. Our blog is a destination for home decor and interior design ideas, providing you with all the information you need to style your home, garden and beyond.

Discover our beautiful faux plants, flowers and greenery now - browse our collection here.

Why Shop With Artificial Eden®...

We make shopping with us easy, by providing an easy-to-use website, quick delivery that’s free over £50, and a friendly customer support service to help you with any queries you may have. We also offer 15% off your first purchase too, as well as a market leading 90 day refund policy.

Supporting Our Planet...

For every order placed, we give back to our planet, by planting one real tree and donating towards projects that reduce CO2. We are proud to be working with Ecologi, which enables us to help fund the world’s best climate crisis solutions by growing our very own company forest and donating to carbon reduction projects all around the world. In turn, this enables you to support these causes, by shopping with us - each and every purchase gives back to our planet.

Proudly Partnering with ecologi