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14 Best Artificial Plants to Gift This Christmas


Christmas is fast approaching and with it comes the eternal question of what to buy for our loved ones. Do we buy or make them something thoughtful or do we opt for something more practical? With an artificial plant, you can do both!

Faux plants allow you to avoid all the fuss of plant maintenance. When it comes to the question of what to get the person in your family that doesn’t want for anything, an artificial plant is a perfect answer. Unlike buying them a real plant, you aren’t gifting them with another thing to add to their to-do list, you’re gifting them the joy that comes from living with greenery in their home.

Read on to learn why an artificial plant is such a great Christmas gift, plus our top 14 artificial plants to give to your loved ones this Christmas. 

Artificial Plant Gift


Can I gift an artificial plant this Christmas?

Plants are a wonderful way to express appreciation, love, and affection, but this doesn’t always mean they end up in the right hands. While the recipient may appreciate the gesture, they’re now loaded with the sudden responsibility of keeping a plant alive. And what if they’re short on time, patience, or knowledge on how to take care of a plant? That’s where artificial plants come in. 

Here are some reasons why an artificial plant is a great choice for a Christmas gift:

  • They last forever! There’s no wilting, drooping, drying out, and looking sad on your window sill. This is the most important point and one that people often consider when buying artificial foliage for their homes. If you’ve ever walked into the home of someone who’s just had a birthday, their living room will likely be littered with flowers and plants, gifted by well-intentioned loved ones. But while the gesture is lovely, these real flowers and plants will wilt and die within a short period. You can guarantee that your loved one will remember your Christmas gift if it never dies!
  • You can send a plant from across the world and it won’t arrive looking sad and droopy. Even if you live a 12-hour flight from your family, you don’t need to worry about deliveries getting delayed and plants drying up inside a tiny box. Instead, your Christmas gift will arrive looking perky and green, and stay that way forever!
  • There’s far less mess to clean up if anything spills in transit. Instead of being potted in real soil, your artificial plant will come in a pot with stones or an oasis. This is a great energy saver, because who wants to open a Christmas gift and have to clean it up right away?
  • Artificial plants don’t trigger any nasty allergies, so you can gift a plant to anyone, even if you’re not sure of their allergies. Artificial plants also save you the worry of toxins coming into contact with children and animals. Certain plants can be mildly toxic when ingested by humans and pets, so if your loved one is a dog lover or has young kids, a faux plant is a much safer option. 
  • They bring people joy. Studies have shown that artificial plants help improve people’s mood and joy just as much as real plants, so they’re the perfect option for anyone short on time or who isn’t able to care for real plants. Artificial plants bring just as much life to a room as real plants.




Best Artificial Plants to Gift at Christmas

No matter how your loved one’s home is decorated or what their taste is, there’s an artificial plant to suit them. Here are a few of our favourites:

  1. Snake Plant: also known as Mother-in-law’s Tongue, Saint George's Sword, and Viper's Bowstring Hemp, this unusual plant originates from dry and rocky habitats across Africa. Unlike most leafy plants, the Snake Plant’s leaves are erect and will naturally stand upright. These leaves have a pointed tip, giving the plant its unique silhouette. Real Snake Plants can shrivel and rot if they’re over-watered, so an artificial version is a great call for someone who loves how they look but doesn’t have a green thumb! Get it here.
    Artificial Snake Plant
  2. Eucalyptus Tree: this tree tends to vary in size and you can find the real thing in the form of small shrubs or large trees. Most Eucalyptus species are Australian natives, with every territory having representative species. Because Eucalyptus originally came from such a fire-prone country, it adapted to extreme heat, surviving and even resprouting after a fire. Thankfully, your artificial Eucalyptus tree won’t need to withstand any severe weather, maintaining its signature green-blue and silver leaves throughout the year. Get it here.
    Artificial Eucalyptus Tree
  3. Monstera or Cheese Plant: this is another unusual plant that has risen in global popularity over the last few years, although it’s native to southern Mexico’s tropical forests. It gets its informal name because of its holey leaves, but it has many other names. In Sicily, the Monstera is known as la zampa di leone (the lion's paw) and in France, it’s called le plante gruyère, despite modern gruyère’s lack of holes. A large artificial Cheese Plant is a great addition to any living room, bedroom, or home office. It adds an element of whimsical playfulness as it looks entirely different from any other plant out there. Get it here.
    Artificial Monstera
  4. Olive Tree: the Olive Tree is a wonderful way of bringing some much-needed Mediterranean warmth into your loved one’s home. You can place this Olive tree in the living room, beside your favourite chair in a conservatory, or even in the garden, and it won’t become discoloured or overwatered! Get it here.
    Artificial Olive Tree
  5. Parlour Palm: this is a great choice for someone you know has enough space for a larger plant! The Parlour Palm is native to the rainforests of Guatemala and Mexico, but it has made its way into the homes of many UK residents. Parlour Palms have been popular since the Victorian Era, but they rose to the height of popularity in the 1920s, and have remained a staple in people’s homes ever since. Get it here.
    Artificial Parlour Palm
  6. Hanging Boston Fern: this one is also difficult to maintain if you get the real thing. Without warm temperatures, filtered light, and high humidity, the Boston Fern will start to shed its leaves. Thankfully, faux ferns look so realistic you wouldn’t even know it’s artificial, and if you have somewhere that needs sprucing up, this hanging plant is a great way to do so. An artificial Boston Fern is the perfect choice for someone who loves going for forest walks.


    href="">Get it here.
    Hanging Boston Fern
  7. Bamboo plant: this tree is native to warm and moist tropical climates, but again, this can be found in many households across the country. The Bamboo tree is often associated with a peaceful lifestyle and is typically found in “Zen gardens” or generally relaxing places. The Bamboo tree’s slender trunk and thin, dainty leaves tend to soften spaces that are otherwise harsh-looking. If you’re looking to buy a plant for someone who’s just moved into a new home, the Bamboo plant may be an ideal option. It’s welcoming, refreshing, and pairs well with a wicker or terracotta pot! Get it here.
    Artificial Bamboo Tree
  8. Banana Canna Tree: you may not have heard of this one, but it’s absolutely beautiful. The Banana Canna looks fabulously tropical and its long, red leaves strongly resemble those of a banana tree. It can reach six feet tall, but this would take quite some time, so an artificial version is a sure winner as a gift. If your loved one is a fan of large and exotic-looking plants, the Banana Canna is the one for them. Get it here.
    Banana Canna Tree
  9. Artificial Boxwood Spirals: Do you know someone whose front porch could do with a little love? These artificial boxwood spirals are the perfect gift for someone who loves improving their home’s décor. While iconic outside the front door, these work just as well in hallways and dining rooms. Get them here.
    Artificial Boxwood Spirals
  10. Lemon Tree: an artificial lemon tree is the ideal gift for someone who misses their tropical getaways when they’re grounded here in the winter in the UK. With bright green leaves, a natural trunk, and petit artificial lemons, this plant is sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face. Get it here.
    Artificial Lemon Tree
  11. Peace Lily: originally coming from Southeast Asia, the Peace Lily is popular among houseplant enthusiasts. However, it rarely flowers and can be quite a pain to keep happy! The Peace Lily is an inherently communicative plant, drooping sadly when underwatered or overwatered, and standing to attention when fed and lit properly. Another reason an artificial Peace Lily is a great idea is that the real thing is mildly toxic when ingested by humans or animals. In other words, if you’ve got kids or pets, an artificial Peace Lily is your best bet. If you know someone who has killed their houseplants more times than you can count, gift them an artificial peace lily.
    Artificial Peace Lily
  12. Calathea: this beautifully unique plant is also known as the prayer plant. This is because its leaves fold-up during the night, unfurling again in the morning in search of the sun, which mimics hands going into prayer position. Most artificial Calathea leaves are light green with darker green stripes on one side, and a rich burgundy underneath, making it a great talking point for any room! They look amazing placed beside a sofa, bookshelf, or even your bathtub.
    Artificial Calathea
  13. Inch Plant: as with many plants, this one has several aliases, including its official name, Tradescantia Zebrina, and Zebrina Pendula. The Inch Plant is unique, with silver and purple leaves that glisten and sparkle in the light. 
    The Inchplant grows pretty efficiently, but its leaves and stems break incredibly easily (it’s one of the ways it spreads in its natural habitat), so many people find it tricky to maintain one without breaking it or realising it’s not getting enough water. An artificial version of this stunning purple plant can liven up any dull corner or add visual interest to a tabletop. Alternatively, if you can find a particularly bushy artificial one, it looks great hanging from a macrame or knitted plant hanger. Paired with a pink or purple pot to match its leaves, the Inch Plant is an eye-catching beauty in any room
Artificial Inch Plant
  1. Aloe Vera: this famous plant comes from the Aloe family, of which there are a whopping 500 species. This evergreen perennial is native to the Arabian Peninsula, but it’ll also grow in arid, tropical, and semi-tropical environments worldwide. Aloe vera’s appearance can give the impression that it’s spiky, but its leaves are surprisingly soft. An artificial Aloe vera plant will bring a tropical feel to any office desk, side table, or dresser, especially when paired with a brightly colored pot.
    Artificial Aloe Vera

Whether you’re buying for a partner, sibling, colleague, or friend, Artificial Eden has everything you need this Christmas. From plants and trees to topiary and even green walls, there’s something for everyone. We specialise in luxury artificial greenery; we make our plants hyper-realistic because we know how many people out there love the look of plants but don’t have time to maintain them. We also do our bit to support the planet: we plant one tree and donate to CO2-reducing projects for every plant we sell.

To browse our range and get your gifts click here – and why not add a planter or two for them while you’re at it? You can browse our eco-friendly planters here.



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