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Interior Design Trends for 2022

14 Interior Design Trends for 2022

2022 is here (we know, where did the time go?) and with a new year brings a fresh start and new trends. Most of us think about all the things we can change and improve in the new year, and for us that means updating our homes! To help give you a head start, we’ve put together a list of the top interior design trends of 2022 you need to know about. This coming new year will be bringing plenty of natural lighting, textured fabrics, and lots of houseplants!


Top 14 Interior Design Trends You Need to Know About for 2022

When you’re trying to figure out how to decorate a new home or simply want to stay on-trend, try using as many of these 2022 interior design trends as possible:


  1. Vintage, vintage, vintage!
    Vintage Furniture with Greenery


Bask in the joy of history repeating itself with your favourite thrifted and vintage goods. With more people growing concerned about the environmental impact of fast fashion and cheaply-made furniture, second-hand and vintage accessories are becoming more popular than ever.

Not only is vintage furniture more sustainable, saving furniture and accessories from ending up in a landfill, but it’s also often got unique quirks that can be impossible to recreate authentically! Your home is unique and special to you, so why not fill it with things that are just as unique? Antique furniture, vintage paintings, and second-hand accoutrements add character and make great talking points when you have guests over.

Now is the perfect time to reclaim your great grandma’s side table from storage and give it the attention it deserves! If you don’t have family heirlooms to pick from, keep an eye on second-hand furniture stores (the British Heart Foundation and Sue Ryder both have specialist furniture charity shops that are always worth looking through with the plus that you’ll find a bargain and support a charity) and places like Facebook marketplace. You’ll need to be quick to snap up something for less, but it’s incredibly satisfying and you can end up with one-off pieces.


  1. Greenery in Every Room
    Bathroom greens


With so much focus on our mental health and on eco-friendly living, it’s no surprise that we’ve all become enamoured by all things green. Plants, real or otherwise, can lift our spirits, promote creativity, and even help us to focus when we’re working from home.

Whether you prefer real plants or a zero-maintenance artificial plant such as the ever-popular Cheese Plant, the foliage will add a welcoming air to any room. The best thing about artificial plants and flowers is that you can place them anywhere, from the brightest part of the hallway or entrance to the darkest corner of your bathroom.

These days, artificial plants and flowers are more realistic than ever, so take advantage of their effortless charm by popping a few around each room for a pop of verdant beauty. You’d be surprised how a dark room can be transformed with the addition of an artificial plant.


  1. Clever Multipurpose Room Design
    MultiPurpose Room


The past two years have really changed the way we live – most of us are at home more often and with house prices higher than ever, many of us need to be smart with the space we have to make the most of it.

From a dining room that doubles as an office to a living room that doubles as a classroom, our homes have evolved. It’s never been so valuable to have a home you can use for any activity, so look into fold-away wall desks, TVs that can double as a computer monitor or be used for ambient scenes during the work day, and built-in storage solutions to ensure everything has a place. 


  1. Marble Textures 
    Marble Planters


The use of marble has been popular in interior design for some time now, and it doesn’t show any sign of becoming less popular. Dark marble is moody and opulent while light marble is bright and elegant. From all-marble bathrooms and polished marble flooring to surfaces and architectural features, marble is a great way to add a touch of glamour to your home.

Remember – you don’t need to go all-in with real marble to maximize on this trend, or invest in a kitchen renovation. Look to marble-look plant pots, a new marble coffee table, or press-on marble tiles to give your kitchen tiles a refresh.


  1. Mix Jewel Tones with  Metals                                                                  
    Green Accent Wall


You’ve likely lusted over it at some point within the last year: the ultra-modern and sleek look of a navy or forest green kitchen with brass hardware. It’s bold without being too dark for smaller English homes, and uses timeless dark shades that will be just as popular in a decade as they are now.

If you don’t want to go as bold as choosing a deep jewel tone for your kitchen counters or walls, consider an accent wall or using it for your furniture. A neutral wall with jewel-toned furniture or dark green plants with dark pots is the perfect way to invite this trend into your home, especially if you’re renting.


  1. Textured Fabrics 
    Textured Fabric with touch of nature


The use of textured fabrics may be a collective response to almost two years making our homes as cozy as possible, or it could be because of increased attention to detail, but people are loving boucle, velvet, and Sherpa because they combine the cozy and the luxurious. As for sofas, chairs, and ottomans, we'll also see a lot more fringe as a nod to the 1970s. 

Try to be intentional about the textures you use in a room, and mix them up. Try pairing hard, glossy surfaces with natural wood tones, jewel tone velvets or large knits, and threadbare rugs, and touches of nature with artificial plants and flowers.


  1. More Matt Black Accents 
    Black Accent


You may have seen the trend toward black hardware in kitchens and bathrooms, and if you love it as much as we do, you’ll be glad it’s here to stay! You can embrace this trend by changing your taps and handles, metal table legs, mirror and picture frames, black plant pots, and more.




  1. Using Meaningful Pieces 
    Small Meaningful Pieces


This design trend comes from a desire to return to homes that accurately display who we are and the things we love. It’s not just about being on trend – it’s about decorating your home with pieces that inspire a story and are conversation starters. Think carefully about the books you display, the trinkets and pictures.


  1. Living Room Bars 
    Room Bar


If you’ve got a living room cabinet or built-in shelving this is the perfect trend to embrace, but it’s an option for anyone with enough room for a bar cart. There’s no denying that being able to head out to the bar or the pub for a drink is something we missed in 2020, but in 2022 we know how to have the best of both – we can head out to the bar to meet friends or stay in with a good film and not worry about how we’ll get home (or having to hire someone to look after the kids).

Replace some of those books you’ll know you’ll never read again (and if you did, you’d grab it on eBook or audiobook) with decorative bottles of your favorite whiskeys and gins and beautiful tumblers, with a few small artificial plants. If you’re transforming a bookshelf or glass-fronted cupboard for this purpose, consider putting a mirror at the back to reflect the light and make the most of the space.


  1. Combine Real and Artificial Plants 
    Real and Artificial Plants in room


This is the best kept secret of interior designers – they mix real plants with artificial plants so their clients have the least amount of work to do and guests are never sure if a plant is fake or not!

Group small plants together on tables or in a well-lit area of the kitchen, Use a large artificial tree in the corner of the room (so it doesn’t outgrow your home!) and pair it with a real plant or two you really love looking after.

Of course, if you don’t like caring for real plants, you can go all artificial!


  1. Multiple Workspaces 
    Balcony working space


The proportion of working adults who worked from home at least partially in May of this year accounts for almost half of all people in the UK, so it’s no wonder most people are sick of working in dining room chairs.

In 2022, we’ll not only see a further increase in dedicated workspaces (many of which will actually move outside into garden rooms), we’ll also see an increase in different options. Working in the same place can get boring, so for those who can work on a laptop will consider making multiple areas they can work from.

Interior designers often recommend setting up your workspace near a window if possible, or a small additional workspace near one if not. Think about adding a small table outside so you can sit in the sun or using fold-out wall desks for other areas of the home.


  1. Investing in Quality Over Quantity 
    Quality furniture


In a world where we’re often judged by the number of physical possessions we own and the money in our bank account, we can easily get swept up in the idea that more equals better. In 2022, look to invest in options that will last – IKEA is a great resource when you need to set up a new home cheaply, but if you have the budget for a quality piece (whether it be a new dining table or artificial plant and pot for your living room), make the investment so it will last you decades rather than years.

  1. A Nod Back to the 70s 
    Vintage Furniture


We may be seeing a kickback to ‘90s clothing fashion, but the 1970s is making a glorious comeback in interior design. Instead of the ostentatious orange sofa and avocado patterned wallpaper, we’re looking at suggestions of the era. Incorporate pops of terracotta, moss green, and other warm neutrals for a nod toward the 1970s without the questionable bathroom fittings!

Look for furniture and accents at your local antique shops, flea markets, and even car boot sales. You never know what you might find!


  1. Nature-Themed Spaces 
    Nature-Themed Space


Let’s face it: we spent enough time inside in 2020 (and early 2021) to last us a lifetime. We reluctantly swapped our favorite pubs for a drink in the living room; family holidays abroad for movies set in sunny locations; walks in the park for pacing around the garden (if we’re lucky enough to have one!). Unsurprisingly, nature-inspired rooms are popping up in interior design trends all over the world.

People want to feel connected to nature even when they can’t get out and experience it, so many homeowners are emphasizing browns, neutrals, and greens when it comes to wall colors. Natural fibers, reclaimed wood, flora and fauna patterns, foliage and unlacquered brass bring the outdoors in without feeling too outdoorsy! 



Interior design can be an exciting process, provided you know what look and atmosphere you’re trying to create. So, whether you favor a bright and classic country kitchen or a mid-century modern living room, the choice is yours. Interior design is an amazing way to flex those creative muscles, pairing your favorite materials, shapes, and colors to create something truly yours in 2022.

Greenery placed around the home is more popular than ever, but all plants require some maintenance. From repotting and watering to feeding and pruning, there’s a lot of effort involved in making your home the oasis you may dream of. At Artificial Eden, we have everything you need to style your home with realistic artificial plants this new year.




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