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20 Stylish Ways to Embrace the Bamboo Trend in Your Home

Bamboo is in in a big way – you can find it on all the big furniture stores, filling the pages of home décor magazines, and even in the aisles of clothes stores, because the material Rayon is made from bamboo fibres. Not only is it in style for its natural colour, the style of the plant, and affordability, but bamboo is the next big thing in sustainability.

Whether you’re into a coastal and tropical style, boho, maximalist, or minimalist décor, bamboo is on-trend and a must-have in your home. If you’re ready to bring more bamboo into your home, here are some of the best ways to do so.


20 Stylish Ways to Embrace the Bamboo Trend in Your Home





#1 Bamboo Shades

Bamboo blinds and shades made from thin reeds are a beautiful way to bring bamboo into your home. If you opt for reed shades, you’ll be able to block out just the harshest of light and nosiest of neighbors, without fully blocking your view outside. If you use bamboo wood blinds, the lightness of the wood compliments a huge range of colour palettes, and again won’t block out too much natural light, while giving you relief from the sun and prying eyes.


#2 Bamboo Wallpaper

Statement wallpaper is another trend that’s back in, and wallpaper with geometric bamboo patterns or the print of bamboo plants is a great way to embrace both. If you like more of a maximalist look, cover all 4 walls in your paper, but if you prefer neutral, clean spaces, just paper one wall for visual interest and a relaxing backdrop.


#3 Artificial Bamboo Tree

Artificial Eden bamboo

Live bamboo is being used to solve so many of our sustainability issues for one reason: it grows like wildfire. While the average tree takes 20-30 years to reach maturity and be worth cutting for lumber, bamboo only takes 5 years and grows densely – it doesn’t need the huge space between like normal trees. While that is great news for the planet, it’s less so for your home. A live bamboo plant isn’t something you should be inviting into your home or garden unless you’re ready to prune it back weekly, especially in the warmer months.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring this beautiful plant into your home! You can easily use an artificial bamboo tree inside or out. Use them in wide hallways, bathrooms, and as a statement plant in a living or dining room. If you like maximalist décor (aka lots of patterns, colours, and textures) don’t be afraid of placing an artificial bamboo tree in front of a wall covered in wallpaper with a busy print. It’s one of those tricks that can make your home look like you’ve had an interior designer in to design your home for you.


#4 Bamboo Tiles

If you’re looking for a unique look for your bathroom or kitchen tiles, try long narrow tiles – you can easily create an abstract look of a bamboo thicket with varying colors. You can see a great example of this here: Bamboo Tile, though this would also look beautiful in green.


#5 Use Bamboo for Privacy Screening

Use artificial bamboo trees or bamboo stems to create a privacy screen between different areas in your home or outside on your balcony or patio. These are perfect for open plans, large bathrooms, and urban outdoor spaces where you want some additional privacy.  


#6 Bamboo Lampshades

bamboo lamp shade

You can spend hours browsing different bamboo lighting, and there are some true statement pieces that are a natural alternative to glitzy chandeliers or industrial hanging lights. A bamboo chandelier has grandeur without the sparkly nature of typical chandeliers and is perfect for entrance halls and dining rooms.

For other, more relaxed rooms, opt for basket-style lights and other woven shapes. Just make sure you think about what shape the light will be cast around the room – it may work beautifully for a bedroom or living room where you relax, but be too distracting in a home office.

Don’t forget their use as floor and table lamps, too. The translucent quality of bamboo provides gentle lighting and a relaxing aura to any room.


#7 Bamboo Baskets

You’ve likely seen woven baskets everywhere, so if you haven’t yet brought them into your home, consider if it will work for your décor. There are endless ways you can utilise them, so if you’re embracing that boho or tropical look, don’t fear trying multiple of them in the same space. You can use them for storage, hang them on the wall for that signature boho look, and use them as planters and pots for your artificial plants.


#8 Bamboo Chairs

Bamboo chairs you’d expect to find in a luxury greenhouse or orangery in that natural bamboo colour are beautiful, but it’s not the only option. Chinese Chippendale chairs are historical icons, and you can now find white, natural, black, and other colours of these geometric chairs in bamboo.


#9 Zen Garden

bamboo interior design

Do you have a wide hallway in a modern home or a small area outside you aren’t sure what to do with? Create a zen garden with large white or grey pebbles or white or golden sand, and artificial bamboo trees or poles. If you’re staying inside, keep it narrow – about the width of a floorboard or two. If you’re outside, you can fill whatever space you have, and it will work no matter how little light it gets or if you’re dealing with building on concrete. 


#10 Bamboo Mats

Bamboo mats make a washable alternative to fabric rugs and are particularly useful in high-traffic areas and for those of us with pets. Any dog owner knows that keeping your floors clean is a huge challenge and rugs can quickly be ruined. A bamboo mat—provided your dog won’t chew it!—is a great alternative for rooms that need them.

For the same reason, they make beautiful placemats and coasters, so that’s another great way to bring more bamboo into your home, especially if you’re looking for subtle touches.


#11 Bamboo Tables

If you like light colours in your home, bamboo is a great alternative to white and glass furniture. It’s softer, more durable, won’t look quite as dirty so quickly, and is sustainable to boot. If you’re looking for a new desk or dining table, look at bamboo – you can find it in many styles, and the grain is clean and modern. Of course, if you like the handmade bamboo furniture look, you won’t be short of options, either!


#12 Wall Cladding & Wardrobe Cladding

bamboo interior design ideas and trends (1)

Looking to make a statement in your home? Wall cladding on one wall is an incredible way to add a feature wall to your home, without relying on wallpaper. You can find many wood-look wallpapers out there, but they just don’t compare to the real thing, and often look cheap. Choose whether to use the planks vertically or horizontally depending on what your home needs – vertical will add more height, and horizontal will add width. If in doubt, go vertical. 

The same works on wardrobe doors, especially if they stretch from wall to wall. Not everyone likes the look of an entire mirror wall nor having to look at themselves whenever they’re in their bedroom, so if you’re looking for a relaxing alternative that still has design flair, consider bamboo cladding.




#13 Bamboo Picture Frames

Bamboo pole picture frames are another subtle way to add a tropical edge to your home. Use them to frame artwork, family photos, or mirrors. You don’t have to choose frames with real bamboo, either. If you like an oriental look, pair metal accents in the room with geometric metallic frames. 


#14 Clad the Inside of Your Summer House

If you are always dreaming of your next tropical getaway, clad the entire interior of your summerhouse with bamboo. With just a little elbow grease (or that of your local handyman), you’ll have a tropical room reminiscent of any home in Bali, Hawaii, or any other tropical location. Pair it with a bar, barbeque, and a couple of artificial bamboo trees outside the doors, and you’ve got an outside space you can’t wait to spend time in!


#15 Bamboo Headboard 

If you aren’t ready to go all-in on something as dramatic as a bamboo wall or wallpaper, consider a bamboo headboard. This works especially well in neutral colour schemes and for tropical rooms, especially if you have a dark wall behind your bed. That beautiful deep, navy blue we see in so many tropical wallpapers can make the room feel darker if you don’t use lighter wood tones and the right lighting. A bamboo headboard is just the right neutral to brighten a neutral-coloured space and lighten up a dark room. 


#16 Stick to Finer Pieces if You’re Worried About the Tiki Look 

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having that beach-side cabin, Tiki look in a room, but it needs to be intentional. If you’re sticking to a boho or modern feel, keep your bamboo textures light and pieces narrow. Large, chunky pieces of bamboo won’t necessarily work in that style of room. An artificial bamboo tree will fit in perfectly, while large, bamboo poles may be a step too far. This goes double if you are working with a small space. 


#17 Bamboo Tableware 

If you aren’t opposed to using wooden tableware, you can use bamboo plates, bowls, and even cutlery in your home. This look won’t be for everyone, but if you’re looking for more sustainable pieces for your home that are durable, take a look at bamboo. This works especially well if you’ve got young children (or are prone to breaking plates!) as a dropped plate won’t break. 


#18 Bamboo Ladder Shelf 

bamboo ladder shelf for home

You may have seen these small ladders popping up on Instagram and Pinterest because they’re becoming so popular, and one of the best places for them is in the bathroom. If you’re working with limited space, this will provide you with a touch of style and an ideal place to hang your damp towels, dry towels, jewelry, and dressing gown. Add an artificial bamboo plant if you have space, plus bamboo accessories such as a toothbrush holder and soap plate to round out the natural look. These ladders are typically free-standing, but you can also find wall-mounted versions.


#19 Bamboo Bar Trolley

Bar trolleys aren’t just for mid-century modern homes, you can embrace the trend for a more relaxed home with a bamboo bar trolley. You’ll typically find those in mid-century modern homes to be full of whisky and gin, but you can totally give your trolley a tropical twist and make a cocktail station – you can always indulge in a mocktail if you don’t drink!


#20 Bamboo Plant Shelves & Stands

Bamboo is an ideal material for a plant stand, and it can often be used inside or out. Fill the shelves with artificial plants for beauty and ease. Plant shelves and plant stands are the perfect solution for those small empty corners and other areas that need visual interest but lack the space for furniture. Plus, if you choose artificial plants, you don’t even need to worry about whether or not there’s enough natural light for your plants.

If you have enough space, position an artificial bamboo tree in the corner and place two plant stands of varying heights just in front of the artificial bamboo tree with plants with other textures. What you choose will depend on your personal preferences and interior décor style, but consider an artificial fiddle leaf fig tree, an artificial cheese plant, an artificial snake plant, an artificial calatea, or a smaller grass plant.


As you can see, there are so many different ways you can incorporate the beauty of bamboo in your home and environment, all you need to choose is what works for your home. Bamboo colours and textures work for so many different styles of home, but remember that while an artificial bamboo tree can work in any style room, large, bulky pieces need more thought before you bring them into a space because they’ll draw the eye and become the feature in the room.

Whether you’re ready to create that private patio space with numerous artificial bamboo trees or just need a small artificial succulent for your new bamboo shelves, search for your next artificial plant here.




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