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21 Stunning Ideas for Using Eucalyptus for Your Wedding Décor

After a weird few years dealing with the pandemic, where weddings were often put on the back burner, weddings have trended toward smaller, simpler affairs. While limited numbers and travel restrictions put a damper on the size of some celebrations, they certainly haven’t been any less beautiful or special! Couples have turned their creativity to their weddings, and while we’ve seen fewer large, glitzy weddings, we’ve seen more neutrals and subtle colour palettes.

One of the biggest trends to have arisen over the past few years is using eucalyptus for wedding décor, and we love it! It’s simple, elegant, works perfectly with white and champagne colouring, and adds texture and shape without taking up a lot of space. What’s not to love? To help you embrace this trend for your upcoming wedding, we’ve put together 21 ideas on ways you can use eucalyptus in your wedding décor.


21 Ways You Can Use Eucalyptus in Your Wedding Décor


eucalyptus for weddings

1. Use Eucalyptus Leaves Instead of Confetti

There has been some debate about whether confetti is okay to use in our eco-conscious world, and the answer is yes – provided you use something that is biodegradable. Many couples now choose degradable coloured confetti, potpourri, or eucalyptus leaves.

If you’d rather skip the confetti toss altogether, you could sprinkle the aisle with eucalyptus leaves for you to walk over and add a subtle touch to your ceremony décor.

Eucalyptus comes in numerous different shades of muted greens and blue hues and different shapes, so you’ll likely be able to find the right leaf shape and colour for you.


2. Use Artificial Eucalyptus Trees by the “Arch”

Artificial eucalyptus trees

If you’re looking for the perfect way to frame your wedding ceremony, whether you’re getting married in a “traditional” location or not, consider using artificial eucalyptus trees. Artificial eucalyptus trees are often indistinguishable from the real thing, and so have the same beautiful silver-green foliage as the real thing.

Better still, they are easy to store until the big day and can be easily moved into place the day before. If it’s windy and your ceremony is outside, you need only add extra weight to the pots to keep them in place, and you won’t be able to see anything unsightly in your wedding photos.


3. Eucalyptus Crowns (and/or Collars!)

If you like the idea of a flower crown but feel that it’s a little too feminine or cutesy for your wedding’s theme, try a little eucalyptus crown. You can also use this idea for eucalyptus collar(s) for your pets if they’re involved in the wedding! If you’re going to do the same for your wedding party, check-in with them to ask if anyone is allergic to eucalyptus or simply opt for artificial eucalyptus to ensure no one comes out in a rash.


4. Use a Eucalyptus Runner on Tables

A lush eucalyptus runner makes a gorgeous centrepiece for long tables, especially if you nest candles within the foliage. Alternatively, weave or hide fairy lights within the foliage for an ethereal look.


5. Use Bunches of Eucalyptus on Staircases

eucalyptus faux fake foliage


If your wedding or reception venue has a staircase, even just a small one, use the same eucalyptus with candles idea above on one or both sides of the staircase. Use electric candles to be safe, especially if you have little guests, but lanterns to protect the candles work just as well. Best of all, the candles don’t need to be lit to look good!



6. Eucalyptus Cake Trim

Shrug off the traditional ribbon cake trim and embrace eucalyptus for your cake trim. It gives a natural touch to your cake, and can emphasize a minimalist or rustic theme, especially if your cake is all white or has touches of fruit or herbs in the icing. The only caveat is to make sure you use artificial eucalyptus since the real stuff is not only fragrant (and not in a way that compliments baked goods) but toxic! You’d likely have to eat a few leaves to get sick, but why take the risk? It’s also toxic to animals, so if your pets are present, it’s best not to mix the leaves with the cake, just in case they take a nibble off someone’s unattended plate.




7. Eucalyptus Aisle Markers

No wedding ceremony is complete without aisle markers, so get creative! Bunches of hanging eucalyptus stems are beautiful, simple, and space-efficient. Simply tie them to the last chair on the aisle. Consider spray-painting some twigs in white, silver, or gold and mix them in with the eucalyptus stems for a subtle touch that adds colour and texture.


8. Use Artificial Eucalyptus Trees as Markers

There are very few wedding and reception venues where you’re happy for the guests to have free access to all areas of the venue. You’ll likely want to keep people all together and, if it’s a large venue, in the city, or at a country manor house, prevent people from getting lost as they travel from one area to another.

One of the easiest (and prettiest!) ways to redirect your guests to the right place (even when they’ve had a little too much to drink) is to place artificial eucalyptus trees on either side of any door you want (or allow) your guests to use. Put fairy lights in the foliage and around the stem so it grabs attention day or night.


9. Add Eucalyptus to Your Bouquets

eucalyptus wedding bouquet


If you choose to use eucalyptus as a main choice of foliage or décor for your wedding, you could take your bouquet in a different direction. For example, baby’s breath or calla lilies all work well, especially solo for a delicate bouquet. However, many couples choose to use eucalyptus in their bouquets. You can use eucalyptus alone, use eucalyptus with either of the aforementioned flowers, or mix eucalyptus with wildflowers for a bohemian feel.




10. Use Vases of Eucalyptus on Notable Tables

Vases of eucalyptus aren’t just stylish at home, they can bring that same soft, relaxed style to your wedding tables. As with the garland, consider adding sprigs of white flowers for a softer, more feminine touch. Sprinkle white rose petals and eucalyptus leaves across the table and then place your guestbook, gifts, cake, or buffet food on top.


11. Adorn Candles for Minimalist Centrepieces

If you plan to have a small number of guests or smaller tables, use 1 or 2 pillar candles (or floating candles in vases) in the centre and wrap eucalyptus around the base. Add glitter-covered reeds or small white flowers if you don’t want it quite so minimalist and to add some alternative colours and textures.


12. Drape Eucalyptus Around Signs

Eucalyptus drapes well over signs and adds cohesion and a flourish to signs. If you’ve yet to think about signage, this idea works beautifully with rustic or antique frame with a chalkboard inside which you can write on to direct your guests as to where they need to go or do.


13. Eucalyptus Garland

Adorn your ceremony entrance and exit with a lush eucalyptus garland, with or without springs of white flowers, such as roses or baby’s breath. Hang the garland across the top of the entrance to perfectly frame the doorway and add beauty to those iconic “just married” photos.


14. Decorate Exposed Beams, Pillars, or Your Rustic Arch

roses and eucalyptus


Using floral arrangements above head height is a pretty common occurrence at weddings, so don’t discount eucalyptus from these decorations. Hang eucalyptus and add peach or white roses, carnations, and peonies – it’s simple, romantic, and easy to do with artificial flowers yourself or real flowers by your florist.


15. Decorate the Bar

If your bar is a simple garden bar or table, don’t panic! Frame the table with faux eucalyptus trees and drape a garland of eucalyptus across the front. Add a vase of flowers and rest the menu against it or donations directions – whatever you need people to know when they come to get a drink.


16. Dress the Wedding Couple’s Chairs

You can definitely do this with all your reception chairs, but if you’re keeping things simple, adorn the back of you and your partner’s chairs with eucalyptus and ribbon. Not only does it look beautiful, but it highlights you as the special couple and looks beautiful in wedding photos. Alternatively, tie your chairs together with a garland and hang “Mr” and “Mrs” or your preferred choice of prefix to the back of your chairs to further represent that you’ve tied the knot. Alternatively, use the surname you’ve both chosen to use, or if that’s not applicable, you can do something cute like “[name of your dog]’s parents”.


17. Create an Instagram Station

Let’s be honest – no wedding nowadays stays hidden from all eyes, eventually, some photos are going to make it to Instagram! A super cute way to create a photo-point at your reception (whether you have a photographer to man it or not) is to invest in a eucalyptus circle or backdrop. This is simply where you use a frame that is taller than you and your guests and wrap eucalyptus and flowers around the arch. Alternatively, use a row of artificial eucalyptus trees lined up close together by a wall and give your guests a specific hashtag to use so you can easily find their photos.


18. Eucalyptus Wreath

If you loved the idea of marking doors but don’t have the space for artificial eucalyptus trees, try eucalyptus wreaths instead. This works beautifully for weddings at home, in small, intimate settings, or at a rustic venue. Add flowers in one corner of the circle for a splash of your chosen wedding colour.


19. Create an Intimate Chillout Area

If your wedding has a more relaxed, causal, rustic, or bohemian theme and you’re getting married in the summer, invest in a large rug you can spread out on the grass for your guests to sit on to relax, take the weight off their feet, and watch the sunset. Use benches, lanterns, and artificial eucalyptus trees to frame the rug and arrange cushions to create sitting areas.


20. Wedding Tree

If you don’t like the idea of a traditional wedding guestbook, consider using paper hanging on rustic string or even wood circles where your guests can write their well wishes or advice for you and then hang them on an artificial eucalyptus tree (or trees, depending on the number of guests and size and style of tree you choose). Again, add fairy lights for an even more romantic feel. You can either take the well wishes off the tree to keep forever, or leave the wishes on the tree so you’ll have a piece of your wedding day in your home for many years to come.


21. Eucalyptus Wedding Bauble Name Cards

faux eucalyptus tree

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, try this idea: you use a clear bauble and put a small piece of eucalyptus inside. You then tuck the name place card into the top – you can either DIY this idea or buy them ready-made on Etsy. It’s unique, simple, effective, and something your guests will adore. It’s also a great idea for winter weddings. If you use artificial eucalyptus you could allow your guests to take the bauble home to put on their Christmas tree so you can be a piece of their Christmas for years to come!


Eucalyptus has taken the home décor world by storm, so it’s no surprise that it’s doing so in the wedding industry, too. Whether you’re planning a wedding on a budget or are going all-out for your celebration, eucalyptus can elevate your theme, add a little whimsy, and add a romantic touch to minimalist weddings. No matter what theme you choose, we’ve got an extensive range of artificial plants to suit your tastes and make preparing for your wedding more affordable and less time-sensitive. To explore our full range, click here.




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