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7 Ways to Use Artificial Ivy in Your Home or Garden

7 Ways to Use Artificial Ivy in Your Home or Garden

7 Ways to Use Artificial Ivy in Your Home or Garden


When you think of ivy, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Perhaps it is a large country estate with the sprawling plant creeping up the front of the building, or maybe it is a hanging basket that has the ivy plant drooping over the sides. Whatever it might be, there is a high possibility that the artificial ivy was not amongst your first thought.

However, the use of artificial ivy in the home or garden is on the rise. Increasingly, homeowners are opting for artificial plants, thanks to the many benefits that they offer.





What is artificial Ivy?

ivy on garden wall

Natural Ivy is a self-clinging plant that grows at an incredible rate. The thick plant can rapidly cover items such as walls, fences and trees, creating a beautiful and picturesque aesthetic to any property. However, while there is no questioning that it is an attractive addition to your home, it is also incredibly demanding.

Without regular maintenance and care, the fast-paced growth can quickly see the plant expanding out of control, working its way through cracks and joints and causing significant structural damage. Not only that, but as it grows beyond the areas you want it to appear, it can act as a pathway for pests such as mice to enter your property and set up a nest.

On the other hand, artificial ivy can provide homeowners with all of the benefits of the natural plant without needing to worry about it growing out of control or requiring regular care. Using artificial ivy in your home or garden means you can place it exactly where you want, ensuring it will remain in place. High-quality artificial ivy is also made from incredibly durable material and is UV-resistant, guaranteeing that it continues to look as beautiful as possible for many years.



How to use artificial ivy in your home or garden

The use of artificial ivy in the home or garden is on the rise as homeowners discover the many benefits that it offers. If you are looking to add it to your property, here are some of our top ways to utilise it in your home:


1.     On the exterior of your home

One of the most traditional methods of using ivy is to cover the exterior of a property, typically the front of the house. This traditional country cottage style of design is a fantastic way of giving any property that stunning classic aesthetic.

Unlike living ivy, which requires vast amounts of care and regular maintenance to prevent it from damaging the property, artificial ivy can be quickly attached to your walls. Alongside the benefits of not having to worry about it working its way into the cracks, you can also design exactly where you want it to be placed and in what quantities.


2.     As a safe plant to use on your fences

artificial ivy green living wall

In the same vein, utilising artificial ivy wall panels in your garden provides you with the exact same benefits. If your garden is boxed off by three wooden fences, adding artificial ivy to them can help to make your garden feel more natural and green.

Of course, while natural ivy could do this job, it quickly leads to damage on wooden fences and requiring you to have to replace them more frequently. Artificial ivy means you do not need to worry about it damaging your fences and will also let you add more or remove it as required, ensuring you can give your garden a quick makeover whenever you like.


3.     As an indoor plant


There are many different styles of artificial ivy available, including many potted options that look fantastic in any room in your home. From a windowsill and shelf to adding a splash of green to your desk, artificial ivy is a great way to easily and quickly bring the outdoors inside.

Artificial ivy is a fantastic addition to any home, but it is particularly beneficial for those people who might live in a flat or in those rooms where there is not as much natural light. As it does not need watering or sunlight to grow, artificial ivy is incredibly low maintenance, and you can simply place it where you wish without needing to worry about anything other than a quick dust every now and then!


4.     Create a feature wall

One of the most significant advantages of using artificial ivy is that it can be utilised anywhere you like. Many interior designers are using artificial ivy as a statement in the home, utilising the product to create incredibly eye-catching feature walls in the property.

artificial ivy green living wall panel

Faux ivy wall panels can be quickly and easily installed to any wall. They are normally supplied with built-in A/B connectors, which means that they can be clipped together to create large feature walls and can be cut to form any shape necessary.




5.     As a hanging plant in your garden

Another very popular use of artificial ivy in the garden is to utilise the plant in a hanging basket, with the product trailing over the edge. This chic design looks fantastic on your patio or gazebo, but it can also be a warm and welcoming addition to your front door.


6.     Transform your belongings

artificial ivy bookcase

Artificial ivy is also a great solution to transforming your belongings and bringing that sense of being outdoors, inside. From wrapping it around your lampstands and bookcases to adding it around the edges of your mirrors, artificial ivy allows you to get as creative as you like. Thanks to the maneuverability of the ivy, you can quickly move it around and try new looks.  


7.     Create a green ceiling

One of the biggest styling trends right now is creating a green ceiling. This does not mean painting it green or filling it with plants, but, instead, using plants such as artificial ivy to create an elegant and luxurious environment.

A popular design trend in some of the fanciest restaurants around the world, it is a fantastic addition to your kitchen, living room or dining room.


8. As garden screening

If your garden is overlooked and you'd like to create more privacy, trellis screening may just be the solution.

Trellis screening is created used canes that are fixed together in a criss-cross fashion. Artificial leaves, such as ivy or willow are then secured to the trellis to create screening.

These screening panels can then be fixed to existing fence panels and can also be used to provide additional height to your fence to create more privacy in your garden.



Thinking of adding artificial ivy to your home or garden?

artificial ivy green living wall detail 2

Utilising artificial ivy in your home or garden is a great way of quickly transforming the look and appeal of any space. Ivy looks fantastic, but it is incredibly demanding and requires constant monitoring and care to ensure that it not only remains looking great but is also not damaging your foundations.

If you are looking for high-quality artificial ivy, Artificial Eden is here to help you. We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of artificial plants, flowers, trees and green walls, and we know how beneficial they can be for our customers. Whilst there was a time when artificial plants looked fake and plastic, those days are long gone, and we provide the very best products that are incredibly realistic and constructed using the latest technology and materials.

We pride ourselves on our high quality, natural-looking artificial plants, and we have a wide range of styles available – ensuring you will always be able to find the perfect solution for your home!



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