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halloween artificial plants

20 Ways to Tastefully Decorate for Halloween This Year!

For many, Halloween is all about the kids, but that doesn’t mean that us adults can’t get into the spooky spirit! Often, we spend so much time thinking about the kids costumes and whether or not to take them trick-or-treating, that we forget to enjoy the spooky season at home.

If you love to experiment with interior design, Halloween is the perfect time to embrace your darker side! Getting into the spirit of Halloween doesn't mean you have to forfeit your chic interior design. If you’re proud of your sleek home design, you can always create an amazing Halloween aesthetic without sacrificing your classy taste. You heard us right: no need for plastic cobwebs and cheap toy cauldrons here!

If you want to achieve a more refined Halloween atmosphere, all it takes is a little thought and planning. Whether you switch up the way you carve your pumpkins or hang twinkling orange lights, this is the year to try your hand at creating a classy All Hallow’s Eve set-up. 

When it comes to home décor, there should be something for everyone. From the ultra-crafty to those who love to splash out on fancy decorations, Halloween is an excellent opportunity to fill your home with true Halloween spirit! 

Here are 20 of our favourite design ideas to inspire your home decor this Halloween:


20 Simple Ways to Create a Classy Halloween Aesthetic in Your Home

artificial plants Halloween decor table arrangement


1. Adorn your front door with a gorgeous autumnal wreath. Your front door is the first thing people see before they enter your home, so create a classy atmosphere with something in warm colors. There are plenty of independent sellers who make unique Halloween wreaths, but if you’re feeling crafty, you can always try your hand at making one yourself. You can use artificial greenery or fresh plants. Stick to two or three warmer tones to keep within the theme of autumn and to keep it classy – though don’t be afraid to add a ghost or spider or two if the mood takes you.


    2. Consider a monochromatic theme. So many decorations involve a lot of colours, so if that’s a big turnoff for you, go with a monochrome theme. One of the easiest ways to keep your decor looking sleek is to stick to just one colour; it’s minimalist, pleasing to the eye, and easy to coordinate. If you don’t like the idea of your home being laden with decorations of terracotta, bronze, amber, and mustard, why not stick to understated gray or white? We don’t see much white during October, and a splash of brightness might be welcome in your home. White Halloween decorations needn’t come in the form of plastic skeletons and battery-powered ghost toys; you can opt for something classier like wisterias in woven baskets or white pumpkins. 


    3. Hang up a string of leaves...or lights. Or both! Who says you can’t decorate with leaves and lights at the same time? This LED Maple Leaves Garland looks great on a porch, placed on the fireplace, or wrapped around a staircase or a banister. Hang it across the mantle, add a couple of Halloween-themed candles above, and a couple of artificial ferns or similar leafy artificial plants on the hearth below for a simple, understated celebration of the season.


    4. Include some darkness in your floral arrangements or even your garden. Try some black flowers, spray painted twigs and branches, or simply swap your light coloured pot for some of our stylish black planters. Some dark artificial plants to look out for are:

    • Black (AKA “Raven”) ZZ-Plant
    • Peperomia caperata
    • Purple and dark artificial succulents
    • Black or purple Elephant Ear
    • Begonia


    5. Create your own themed terrarium. Pick out a bowl, jar, tray, or vase and get decorating! You can create a miniature desert with sand, tiny rocks, and your favourite artificial succulents, or you can go for something more seasonal with moss, ivy and ferns, adding a touch of luxury with miniature gold-plated creepy crawlies. The possibilities are endless and there’s no rule that says your Halloween decorations can’t be scary and beautiful at the same time!


    halloween decoration


    6. Get creative with your pumpkin carving this year. Instead of carving out the usual face Halloween pattern, try out a simple geometric pattern this year. Experiment with squares or circles for a tasteful twist on a Halloween classic. If you’re going with a white theme rather than overloading your home with oranges, reds, and yellows, try out white lights in your pumpkins for added classiness. For extra points, use artificial foliage for hair and use electric candles inside – you’ll have the best looking pumpkins on the street!


    7. Spray paint pumpkins. If gold is a colour you favor in interior design, then this one is for you. Rather than hollowing out your pumpkins, simply spray them with gold spray paint (ideally outdoors!). The result will be a plump vegetable that combines creativity with classiness. You can add a second layer of a color of your choice, cover it in glitter, or leave it as is. Whatever you do will look fantastic with your home or garden décor. (You can also do this with white, black, silver, or any other colour, by the way!)


    8. Combine your pumpkin with foliage. We touched on this in number 6, but it’s worth a point all its own. This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to make your own pumpkin/ flower combo. It specifies that you should use fresh flowers, but if you have some faux greenery to hand, you can always try using that instead. And to make this even more Halloween-appropriate, the tutorial shows you how to arrange your flowers in the shape of a stunning crescent moon.




    9. Embrace velvet! If you have a lot of space in your home and want to keep some of the Halloween tradition without using tacky decoration, velvet is the way to go. Velvet has long been considered one of the classiest and most opulent materials out there, and velvet pumpkins allow you to keep the whimsical element without going overboard. Also consider using velvet pillows or a velvet table runner.


    painting pumpkin decoration


    10. Paint your pumpkins instead. If you’re prepping with kids, hand-painting your pumpkins is a much safer (though probably equally as messy) way to decorate your gourds. This means you can still create fun little faces for each pumpkin, but you get to skip the mess of getting pumpkin seeds and pulp everywhere.


    11. Get wild with artificial ivy and faux foliage. Halloween is the one time of year where pretty much anything goes, so why not decorate your home like an overgrown graveyard? Take this opportunity to use your artificial plants and integrate them with a Halloween theme. Trail garlands of artificial ivy around your table legs, drape vines across your fireplace and use seasonal greenery as an eye-catching centerpiece for your table runner. We may associate this holiday with the color orange, but green is always much more tasteful!

    12. Light plenty of candles of varying sizes, creating unusual candle holders. Everyone knows that candles make any room feel classier and cosier, but tall tapered candles are the most Halloween-appropriate. So if you can get your hands on some gourds or miniature pumpkins, repurpose them into candle holders. Three or four of these on a side table or entrance table will bring about the perfect juxtaposition of classy and creepy! Of course, if you’ve got some tall candle holders, now is the perfect time for those, too. Surround the bases with artificial ivy or drape artificial cobwebs from them – just make sure whatever you keep your decorations well away from the flame.


    halloween candle decor


    13. Use ghostly candles. If you don’t have a huge amount of surface space or want to make your living room or dining room feel enchanted, go for these floating candles. They give the illusion that these wax candlesticks are floating by themselves, and who wouldn’t want that type of magic in their home?  


    14. Introduce some faux greenery this Halloween. Whether it’s a mysterious-looking Venus fly trap or a long, trailing inch plant, artificial plants are always a great way to liven up any space. And we can’t forget about the aptly named spider plant! Since artificial plants aren’t exclusively Halloween-themed, you can keep them all year round and get true value for money.


    15. Factor Halloween décor into your table decorations. If you love hosting dinners or cocktail parties, you’ll likely think of Christmas, birthdays, or anniversaries when you imagine these soirées. But Halloween can be a wonderful time to celebrate nature, food, beauty, and quality time with loved ones! If you’re creative and love to wow your guests with themed table settings, this is your moment! Your selection of decorations doesn’t need to be fresh: you can use artificial plants and flowers, too. Scatter your table with fresh fall leaves and petals, maple leaves, and sprigs of berries for a comforting yet classy spread. 


    16. Go all-in on the dark theme with a maroon, gray, or even black table runner. Not only will this add a sense of drama to your meal, but it’ll also make food spillages less noticeable at the end of the night!


    17. What better way to accompany a Halloween dinner party than a themed cocktail from the bar? Provided you have the space for one, a wheeled bar cart lends the ultimate feeling of glamour to your evening festivities. Amp up the Halloween décor by draping some orange lights around the handles or placing some miniature pumpkins on top. From there, you can serve your guests Bloody Marys, Pumpkin Spice White Russians, or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try your hand that these Black Magic Margaritas and Apple Cider Slushies. Remember, this doesn’t have to be exclusively for the adults – just make virgin Halloween-themed cocktails for the kids.


    18. Embrace the darkness and give your table an elegant gothic look with matte black glasses. A set of matt-black glasses will stand out on any table, whether you use them at dinnertime or just leave them out for show. When paired with a dramatic-looking candelabra, your dinner table will combine the feel of a haunted mansion with minimalist chicness. 


    19. Make creepy-crawly drink stirrers or cocktail sticks. If the Halloween cocktail bar and matte black wine glasses weren’t enough, treat your guests to even more creepy-crawly-themed beverages with homemade bug cocktail sticks. To make these, attach some small plastic bugs to bamboo skewers, then use liquid gilding to cover the whole thing in gold. If you’re planning to use these skewers in your cocktails, be sure to check that the liquid gilding is food-safe or leave this step out – they’ll still look cute!


    front door halloween decorations


    20. If you have steps leading up to your front door, line it with pumpkins. You don’t have to worry about carving interesting shapes into any of these, as the spectacle of several pumpkins will be satisfying enough! Add a collection of other gourds by the door near an artificial boxwood swirl for the classiest Halloween display in town.


      Whether you favor one-tone décor, highly patterned designs, or a more botanical approach, Halloween is a great time to flex those design muscles. While we now associate Halloween with kids’ costumes, trick-or-treating, scary movies, and plastic skeletons, it is interesting to note where the holiday itself came from. 

      The Halloween we know today came from the Celtic festival Samhain, during which people gathered around bonfires and, in later years, shared seasonal treats with their neighbours. The day of Halloween marked the end of the summer harvest and acknowledged the beginning of what was often a cold and dark winter. It is for this reason that we see illuminated pumpkins, strings of lights, and seasonally scented candles around this time of year. When Samhain was celebrated by the celts, they didn’t have the luxuries that we have today, and simply wanted to remember that lighter days were ahead. So, remember this wonderful holiday’s history when it comes around, and don’t shy away from the light when decorating your home this year.



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