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Bedroom Artificial Plants

11 Best Ways to Transform Your Bedroom with Artificial Plants

Bedrooms are typically one of the darkest rooms in the home, and so one not often synonymous with beautiful, lush foliage. But if you’re looking to improve the look of your bedroom, artificial plants are a fast way to transform your space into a relaxing haven.

Artificial plants are perfect for dark bedrooms, people who would prefer to spend their time doing anything other than caring for temperamental plants, have pets or young children, allergies, and any bedroom that just needs a little something

Using artificial plants in your bedroom isn’t limited to a small plant on your dresser; if you’re looking for plenty of artificial plant ideas for your bedroom, you’re in the right place! Read on for 11 of our favorite ways to transform your bedroom with artificial plants.


11 Best Ways to Transform Your Bedroom with Artificial Plants

Artificial plants have come a long way in the past decade or two, and now the artificial plants we stock on our site are nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. Seriously – you often have to reach out to touch them to figure out they aren’t live, and even then it’s not always obvious. This makes artificial plants the perfect addition to any bedroom.

But what are the best ways to use them to transform your bedroom? Read on to find out.


1.     Embrace the Tropical Look

artificial banana tree in bedroom


Whether your idea of the perfect holiday is escaping to a tropical destination or you find the mosquitos, spiders, and other scary things make tropical locations a no-go, bringing the tropics into your bedroom is fast and easy with artificial plants. Here are some of the best tropical artificial plants to use to transform your bedroom into a tropical paradise:

  • Artificial Bird of Paradise: these plants are large with big, wide leaves that are quintessentially tropical. Think of a tropical jungle, and this plant will probably spring to mind. The real version of this plant can reach a whopping six feet and needs plenty of light and humidity, but you can find much smaller artificial versions that will fill out an empty corner in your bedroom beautifully.
  • Artificial Dragon Tree: Dracaena Marginata are trees with balls of spiky leaves at the top. Most of these have gently woven trunks, and artificial dragon trees avoid the sharp edges and the ten-plus feet they can grow to be. Place these in a corner, between cupboards, or in a plant stand to give extra height.
  • Artificial Olive Tree: We love our artificial olive trees in open-plan kitchens and dining rooms, but if you prefer a Mediterranean vibe in your bedroom over lush tropical greenery, opt for one in your bedroom. Pair with a neutral-coloured pot for a combination that will prompt you to take a deep, relaxing breath every time you look at it.
  • Artificial Banana Canna Tree: The artificial banana canna tree is another quintessential tropical plant that has beautiful fan-like foliage. While you will need a bit of space for this plant, if you’ve got it, this plant will instantly transform your bedroom.
  • Artificial Areca Palm Tree: Of course, we can’t talk tropical plants without mentioning palm plants! Any artificial palm plant will look beautiful, but our artificial areca palm tree is the perfect size for most bedrooms and has multiple levels of foliage so you don’t end up with something too top heavy, as is so common with live palm plants.
  • Artificial Monstera: Monstera is another plant that has exploded in popularity and our artificial monstera offers plenty of deep green luxurious foliage. Place it in a white or off-white planter to make the most of the deep colors, or lean into the deep colors by pairing it with other jewel tones.


2.     Embrace Artificial Hanging Plants

There are a myriad of beautiful hanging planters available for living areas, so they’re the perfect way to bring greenery to different levels of your bedroom, or to small bedrooms with limited space. You can also attach some of our smaller artificial plants to other décor for lighter green touches. For example, use our artificial hanging willow vine tucked behind pictures and art, hanging from your shelves, or draped over the side of a wardrobe or headboard.

For hanging planters, our classic leaf artificial hanging basket offers dense foliage in a small space. We love the look of this plant hanging by a window, but you really can’t go wrong! If you’re using plants to create a forest-like feel, our artificial hanging fern or fresh fern artificial hanging basket are both ideal choices, especially when paired with our artificial Boston ferns.



3.     Accent with Small Artificial Plants

Often, little accents make all the difference to a room. This is especially true in small spaces and those that are lacking that sparkle or put-together look you’re looking for.

  • Artificial succulents are on-trend and are easy to place on bedside tables, dressers, and bookshelves.
  • Artificial Boston ferns are another great choice, especially if you long for walks in the woods during your working week. Place in a decorate pot on your dresser or high on bookshelves so you fall asleep and wake up to the sight of soft foliage.
  • Artificial cacti are another ideal small plant for shelves and dressers, especially if you want height but have a narrow space to work with. Real cacti can be pretty robust, but looking after them can certainly be a painful experience, so opt for artificial to avoid getting pricked whenever you care for them.


4.     Use an Artificial Tree to Make a Statement

bedroom artificial tree


If your idea of a bedroom oasis doesn’t involve falling asleep in a jungle, then consider using one or two statement artificial trees. Nearly all bedrooms have a small empty space that can be brought to life with an artificial tree. Here are a few of our favourite choices:

  • Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees: these plants have become extremely trendy in recent years for their big, statement leaves. If you’ve been lusting after these plants, an artificial fiddle leaf fig tree is a great choice.
  • Artificial Banana Canna Trees: Few plants make such a statement as this artificial banana canna tree, with it’s long stems and big, wide leaves. One of these in your bedroom can be truly transformational.  
  • Artificial Olive Tree in a Belly basket by your bed: If you’re giving your bedroom an update and you’re opting for a fixed wall light instead of a traditional beside table, add an artificial olive tree in a woven belly basket beside your bed. This works beautifully paired with natural or minimalist headboards and neutral color palettes. This works equally well with an artificial eucalyptus plant
  • Artificial Bamboo Trees: Artificial bamboo trees are a great way to give your bedroom a spa-like feel. With their real wooden stems and feathery foliage, you can’t help but feel relaxed in their presence. Best of all, they work in all styles of bedroom, from minimalist to maximalist and everything in between.


5.     Use Your Artificial Plants to Add a Splash of Colour

artificial snake plants for bedroom


The big draw of artificial plants is their greenery, but they’re by no means limited to green. If you’d like a little something different, opt for an artificial plant that offers a pop of colour. For example, an artificial lemon tree adds a splash of yellow, which gives your room a happy, light, optimistic feel. Another ideal choice for a splash of yellow is our artificial snake plant.

Artificial eucalyptus trees are another good choice if you like green but want something in a muted or pastel shade. Our artificial eucalyptus trees have that soft, silver-green colour that has become so sought-after in recent years.




6.     Use Artificial Boxwood Topiary Balls

If you want a splash of green but have minimal space, using artificial boxwood topiary balls are a great way to do so. Invest in a few containers or planters that match the décor in your bedroom, each just a little smaller than the ball itself, and place the ball in the top of the container. You can use square planters or decorative vases – this look is super flexible and instantly adds a luxurious feel to your bedroom.




7.     Use Artificial Green Wall Panels

artificial green wall in bedroom

Two-to-four artificial green wall panels placed on a feature wall or above your bed is a unique and creative way to invite greenery into your bedroom, and you don’t have to rely on dresser space or floor space. We have a wide range of artificial green wall panel styles, so choose the one that creates the feel you want and fix them with ease to your wall – so easy and so effective!


8.     Create a Plant “Hub” at the End of Your Bed

artificial monstera bed


If you have a little spare space at the end of your bed, but little elsewhere, place your artificial plants in a display at the end of your bed. Put down a natural woven rug, grab some natural-finish planters or plant-stands, and mix and match your plants. Use a tall artificial tree, like our artificial eucalyptus, an artificial Boston fern, and an artificial monstera. You’d be surprised how good for the soul waking up to the sight of nature is (especially when you don’t have to worry about it dying)!


9.     Add a Plant Shelf Above Your Bed

bedroom plant shelf


Add a shelf the width of your bed above the headboard (high enough that you’ll never be able to hit your head on it) and fill the shelf with artificial plants. Mix plants of varying heights and use a few trailing plants for added dimension. There’s nothing prettier than plants cascading over the shelf above your bed.


10. Place a Mirror Behind Your Plants

artificial plants in a bedroom


If you have a small bedroom, place a mirror directly behind your artificial plant(s). Not only will this help you appreciate your plant from every angle, but it will help make your room look bigger and look as though there’s more greenery in your room than there really is.


11. Utilize Your Windowsill

Your windowsill offers prime real estate for your artificial plants, so dust it off and order your preferred plants. Keep them relatively small if you want to let in plenty of light, but if you find yourself constantly using the blinds to keep nosy eyes out, try using large plants as a natural barrier. Plants with lots of small leaves, like our artificial bamboo plant or ficus will give you plenty of privacy without blocking the light out.


Can I use real plants in my bedroom?

Bedrooms are tricky places to grow real plants because they’re often the darkest room in the house and many of us don’t spend much time in them when we’re awake. This makes it easy to forget to care for the plant or fail to notice when they’re starting to dry. Real plants are also extremely susceptible to damage from deodorants and perfumes, which can lead to brown, dying leads for seemingly no reason. For this reason, it’s best to use artificial plants in your bedroom so you can enjoy their natural beauty without the worry of how you can keep them alive.


Where can I buy realistic artificial plants?

If you’re looking for realistic artificial plants for your bedroom, avoid heading to budget home stores and shop online with us. At Artificial Eden, we’ve cultivated a collection of high-quality realistic and eco-friendly plants and planters that instantly up-level your home. Whether you live in a minimalist flat in the centre of London or a maximalist country home, we’ve got artificial plants to suit all décor styles and tastes. To shop our range, click here.



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