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artificial palm tree

17 Ways to Utilise an Artificial Palm Tree Around the Home

artificial palm tree

17 Ways to Utilise an Artificial Palm Tree Around the Home

Forget everything you thought you knew about artificial plants. If you believe that they were all rather cheap, fake and unattractive looking then you could be in for a pleasant surprise. Artificial plants have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years and silk plants can in fact look amazingly real; so real in fact that you may have trouble distinguishing them from their real counterparts.





Why Artificial Palm Trees Bring Benefits


Some plants (in particular tropical ones) can be difficult to take care of and maintain, especially if you live in an area that is prone to extremes of temperature. Silk plants on the other hand are a dream come true for the less green fingered amongst us, and you can place them just about anywhere in your home, as we explain later on in this guide. There is no need to check whether they are in a draught, direct sunlight, or a space that has insufficient light – no longer will you find yourself glancing at a sad looking wilting plant trying to work out where you went wrong, again. Artificial plants that are high quality and robust are the perfect addition to any home and will add a touch of warmth to any interior space you want. Of course, how you use them in your home is entirely up to you, but there are a couple of things that you should probably consider.

Size of plant

palm tree artificial inside

When it comes to selecting the right size plant for any space in your home you should adopt the same interior design rules that you would apply to natural plants. The first and foremost of these is of course to think about the size of plant in relation to where you would like to place it. Of course artificial palm trees are not a small plant so you will need to ensure that you have plenty of space – one thing you will not need worry about however is allowing room for them to grow; yet another benefit of opting for artificial.

Artificial palm trees come in a variety of different shapes and sizes that mimic perfectly the many different species of real palms that you might find. You might want to use your artificial palm tree to fill an empty corner in a room or even on a small table. The important thing is to ensure that it is neither too large nor too small for the space you have in mind. If it is too small, it will look rather lost and too large you will end up overcrowding the area. Remember when you are measuring the space to measure the height as well as you don’t want something that is too tall and will overshadow the rest of your décor.



Artificial palm trees for living room décor

living room palm

The living room offers a great wealth of opportunities when it comes to adding greenery, and here are just a few of the ways you can add an artificial palm tree in your living room space.

Utilise a corner

Unused corners in your living room are just screaming out to be used. These can be awkward spaces that do not always lend themselves very well to pieces of furniture such as bookcases. Sharp edges can seem abrupt when placed directly in a corner and can upset the balance of the room, particularly when they are close to a window. This can be an ideal spot for a taller palm tree, placed at floor level where it will not loom over any nearby furniture.

Near a window

If your empty living room corner is near a window, then the addition of a plant will offer a more natural flowing shape that can help to bridge the gap between the outside and inside of your property. The natural colours of the foliage of an artificial palm tree will blend well with the nature outside your room and help to open up the space.

On a side table

Plants make great decorative statements when stood on small tables. Be careful to pick something that isn’t too tall, or too wide, as this could seem rather imposing in your living room. Look for something that isn’t too bushy; this will help to emphasis height in your home.

Pair your plants up

In a light, bright and uncluttered room you will certainly have the scope to add more than one artificial palm tree, just remember to consider proportions and composition. A shorter palm combined with a taller one will have a much better impact visually than two of a similar size, unless you’re considering having them frame a doorway, for example.

Clever pots

In a much larger living room, particularly in an open plan apartment, you may have the scope to add a larger display that will help to break up the room. Look for larger pots that have space for several different palms, particularly on different levels. With the right display you will be able to create a natural barrier in the apartment that will help you to create individual living areas.



Décor ideas for indoors

tropical plant artificial

Of course the living room isn’t the only room in your home where an artificial palm tree could be used to add a touch of green.

The bathroom

Tropical plants and large bathrooms with walk in showers and natural colours are a match made in heaven. Look for a palm with plenty of foliage that will add a huge pop of green. Remember to place it somewhere where it will not be in the way though. If you have a large sink unit with plenty of worktop space, you may want to consider a smaller palm tree in a natural looking pot.

The conservatory

With an artificial palm tree you won’t have to worry about the extremes of temperature that a conservatory can often be subjected to, so you have a great opportunity to go wild. A larger more traditional style conservatory is a great place for not one but a couple of taller plants. The right pots here will really help to tie them in with your décor.

The hallway

Large hallways are just crying out for the type of plant that can really break up a long corridor and big plain walls. Some people favour pictures, but plants can offer an entirely different look and are a great continuation of the natural world outside your front door. Whether you choose an artificial palm in a pot by the door, or place one on your hall table is up to your own particular preference. Either way, it could certainly improve the look of what can be a difficult room to decorate.

The study

Research has shown that being surrounded by greenery can be great for mental health and help promote productivity, so it is worth taking a good look at your study. Adding a palm tree can be a great way of making your workspace a more tranquil space, particularly as flexi-working and working from home look set to be the new normal for the foreseeable future.





Artificial Palm trees for the garden



Outside your property may not seem the obvious place for an artificial plant of any type, after all that’s where plants can often grow mostly left to their own devices. However, artificial palm trees are a different kettle of fish altogether and in the wrong climate, particularly one that has plenty of cold spells, frosts and of course snow, can fail to thrive. Artificial palm trees will give you all the benefits of that stunning foliage and majestic, rather impressive plant, without any of the hard work that is needed to keep them alive.

On the patio

If the last year has altered anything it is certainly how we use our outdoor space. The patio, a once underused space can be completely transformed with the addition of a table chairs and the right décor. An artificial palm tree, or even a couple in decorative pots could really help to break up the harsher look of a wall and patio and give great mood to your seating, offering you the ideal outdoor entertaining area.

In a summer house

Summer houses are wonderful spaces that offer you the best of both worlds. You can throw open the doors and let the fresh air and sunlight effectively being in your garden whilst still being under cover. Adding a couple of good sizes plants will help to reinforce the feeling of being outdoors, whilst being under cover. Some artificial palm trees, placed artfully at different heights could make your summer house a truly tranquil, tropical space where you can relax.

Decorative plants for outdoors

Curb appeal, what people see when they first approach your home, has always been hugely important. When it comes to adding those extra touches don’t forget about the front of your home.

The porch

If you have a large enough porch, whether covered or fully enclosed, consider adding a large artificial palm tree in a stunning pot. This will not only add a touch of green but will also soften up what can often be seen as a rather neglected area of your home. This will add a real wow factor that is sure to impress your guests.



Artificial Palm tree ideas for pool area

Picture that pool on holiday where you spent time relaxing in the shade of a palm tree sipping cocktails. If you’re lucky enough to have a pool area, decorating with an artificial palm tree would help you to reproduce that atmosphere in your own garden.

Beside a sun lounger

If you are fortunate enough to have a pool area in your garden then you probably have a sun lounger, or two. Artificial palm trees are a great way to not only break up the area but also offer a little extra shade for those hotter days. In fact some of those palm trees you have relaxed under on holiday by the pool may very well have been artificial ones as well. Look for taller palms that will not only look stunning but also offer a good bit of shade for when it gets too hot.

Near the hot tub

If you want to separate the sections of your pool area and make a distinction between a pool and a hot tub, then why not do this with artificial palm trees? In much the same way as you could use them to help divide up a larger room and help to soften the space, they can easily be used to the same effect here. Consider using different types of foliage, different sizes of plants and of course some different sizes pots to create an effect that will be visually very stunning.



How to use artificial palm trees for décor on decking

In a larger garden it isn’t unusual to have several different seating areas and a decking can offer a great place for a patio sofa set and area to relax in.

Around seating

Soften up the look of the seating in your decking area with a couple of different artificial palm trees. This will add some colour and texture to the area, particularly if your decking backs onto a wall or fence. Artificial palms will not only give some shade but will also help to break up the rather flat look of a decking by adding some additional colour.

On a table

If your seating area has a small table then why not add a smaller palm tree in a decorative pot. The joy of using a smaller tree here is that you can move it around if necessary and even bring it inside easily.

By the steps

Decking areas usually have at least one step, the addition of a couple of palm trees at the top of the steps can help to frame your decking and make it very inviting, whilst softening up the harsher lines of the wooden balustrades.

Hopefully we’ve now inspired you to bring your very own palm tree into your home or garden. Whether you opt for a small palm in the hallway or a large palm outdoors, these artificial replica palms can truly add the wow factor to your home.



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