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Artificial Plants for Bathroom

8 Reasons to Use Artificial Plants in Your Bathroom

There has been a huge surge in the popularity of house plants (real or artificial) over the last few years and we’re seeing clear evidence of this all over Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and even TikTok. While real house plants are beautiful if you can keep them alive, there are certain rooms in the home where they simply don’t do well.

Kitchens, bathrooms, and cold conservatories are all places where the fluctuating heat and humidity (or lack of it) can quickly kill off a healthy houseplant. The best way to use plants in these areas is to opt for the artificial variety. We’ve covered how to use artificial plants in your kitchen before (find that here) and today we’re going to cover bathrooms.

If you’ve been considering decorating your bathroom with some faux foliage, read on as we explore why artificial plants are currently so popular in bathrooms, how to style them, and which plants are best for the bathroom.

Bathroom Plants


8 Reasons to Use Artificial Plants in Your Bathroom

artificial faux eucalyptus in bathroom

Whether you spend a lot of time away from home or simply don’t have the patience for plant maintenance, artificial plants are an excellent solution. Here are some reasons why artificial plants are the best choice for your bathrooms:

  1. You don’t need to worry about your plants becoming over-watered if you place them beside the bath or shower. In a room that receives the most humidity, people are often concerned that the soil in their plants will become too wet and get bogged down. But with artificial plants that come in a pot of plastic pebbles or oasis, this is no longer a problem.
  2. There’s no need for natural light. Since artificial plants are often made of artificial fibers and bamboo, you don’t need to worry about making sure it gets enough sunlight. Many bathrooms are located in the middle of the property and might not have any windows at all, so artificial plants are the perfect solution for artificially-lit rooms like this.
  3. You don’t have to avoid certain chemical products in your bathroom. While some sensitive plants are averse to aerosols, perfumes, and cleaning products, your artificial plants won’t have this issue. This means you can clean, mop, and spray all you want without worrying that you’re killing off your favorite pothos.
  4. The fluctuating temperature in your bathroom won’t kill your plant. Many people think that house plants like heat and humidity, and while they may enjoy the warmth of a heated, humid greenhouse, they’re not a fan of it going from cold, to hot and steamy, to cold again. If you’ve ever tried to place a plant in your bathroom or even by a bathroom door, you may have seen how the leaves get “scorched” by the steam and ultimately die. Of course, artificial plants don’t have this problem!
  5. Artificial plants don’t trigger any allergies. Some plants can cause allergic reactions in adults and children, but artificial plants are entirely synthetic, so you don’t need to worry about your plant causing sneezing or rashes for your family and guests.
  6. Artificial plants stay and look the same all year-round. There’s no season in which they droop or lose leaves- rather, they’re consistent and perky year-round.
  7. Bathrooms usually don’t get much love on the interior design front. Since it’s an almost entirely functional room, many people’s bathrooms contain little in the way of decorating and are often hard and cold feeling spaces. The addition of artificial plants is a fast and easy way to soften the look of a bathroom and add some warmth.
  8. You don’t have to worry about overgrowing plants. If you do find a plant that thrives in your bathroom then you may find that it outgrows your bathroom. Bathrooms aren’t exactly known for being the most spacious room in the house, so trying to house your plant in the same environment will be a struggle when it starts getting big.


6 Great Ways to Style Your Artificial Plants in the Bathroom

So, you’ve decided you want to get started with an artificial plant or two for the bathroom. But what’s the best way to style them?

      1. Plants in baskets. This micro-trend has people creating all sorts of scenes in their bathrooms. For example, cacti in earthy-toned wicker baskets can create a Country-Western design when paired with wooden wall panels and a floral shower curtain. Or, if you want to go for something more tropical, a palm tree works well in a bamboo basket.

        Basket Plant

      2. Hanging plants. This trend adds height and can make great use of bare wall space, especially when there’s often little space on the floor. A plant hanger is also another way to tie together the room’s color scheme. So whether you favor something simplistic and monochrome or you’re a fan of something more bright and audacious, a hanging plant can really echo that design. 

        Bath Hanging Plant

      3. More is more! The maximalist decor is coming back in a big way and artificial plants are a great way to bring this trend into the bathroom. If you like the idea of filling your bathroom with color, pattern, decoration, and foliage, go wild! There’s no rule to dictate how few or how many plants you can have in each room, so go with your gut when it comes to choosing the volume of plants. If you decide at the end of the design process that you have too many, you can always move them to another room. To get the most from this trend, invest in loud, unique, and oddly-shaped pots.  

        Maximalist decor

      4. Simplicity in the form of one big statement plant! If the previous point sounds a little chaotic to you, then why not opt for one giant plant in the room? It’s uncomplicated, classy, and creates a clear focal point in the room. Rather than looking at the shower-head or that slightly old set of towels you’ve been meaning to replace, draw the attention to a beautiful plant.

        If your bathroom is a little plain-looking and you’d like to inject some whimsical energy into the room, a Cheese Plant (Monstera) is a great way to go. With its large, holey leaves, the mighty Monstera commands all the attention while still looking inviting and friendly. Of course, there are countless other options if the Cheese Plant isn’t your thing: you could pop an oversized Calathea (Prayer Plant) in the corner beside the bathtub, or something with a more relaxing air and height such as an artificial eucalyptus tree, artificial bamboo tree, or even an artificial olive tree if your bathroom has a Mediterranean feel.

        statement plant

      5. Dedicated plant shelves or area. If you already have a few smaller artificial plants that you’d like to use, you can consolidate them into one area. This may be a shelf or countertop--whatever surfaces you have in the room--but it means you can create cohesion or contrast. By placing three or four plants of similar size, shape, and texture, you can create a deliberate-looking mini-collection. By placing a few plants of varying sizes in pots of different colors and patterns, you can establish contrast.

        This is a great opportunity to use your bathroom windowsill, any strange architectural features you haven’t been sure what to do with, or even the back of your toilet, but you can always put up some small shelves or use a ladder shelf if you don’t have anything to work with currently.

        plant shelves



    1. Turn your bathroom into your very own zen garden. If you prefer baths to showers and love to think of your bathroom as a space to escape and relax, you can lean into the Japanese-style elements of design. Think of your greenery as a way to enhance the feeling of relaxation you want from your bathroom.

      An Artificial Bamboo Tree is a great way to lend your bathroom an oriental flair without being culturally appropriative. Similarly, miniature terrariums take the place of Buddha statues and prints (unless you’re Buddhist, of course!) to create a restorative space for you to enjoy every day. And since you’re working with artificial plants, you can fill your miniature terrariums with grass, sand, or even foam. You can mix and match your plants without worrying that they won’t get along, and you don’t even have to water them.

      zen garden

7 Artificial Plants to Use in Your Bathroom

Now that you’ve decided to invite some artificial plants into your home and figured out how to style them, it’s time to choose the right plants. Here are 7 of our favorite artificial plants for your bathroom:

  1. Boston Fern: this sweet plant provides a lovely balance between soft and earthy, eye-catching and relaxing. Among many other names, the Boston Fern is also known as the Fishbone Fern due to the shape of its gently bending leaves. It’s a refreshing addition to any room, but it works particularly well in the bathroom.
    Boston Fern
  2. Fiddle-Leaf Fig: this species of flowering plant comes from the fig and mulberry family Moraceae. It’s native to western African countries like Sierra Leone and Cameroon where it thrives in tropical rain-forest landscapes. Indoors, however, the artificial Fiddle-Leaf Fig is popular indoors due to its large, almost lettuce-like leaves. In a bathroom, it breathes a breath of fresh air and draws attention to whichever side of the room you’d like it to!
    Fiddle-Leaf Fig
  3. Snake Plant: also known as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, this unique plant was particularly popular in the 1970s. As interior design from that era is making a comeback, so are the plants that decorated the rooms back then. It’s striking and iconic, with yellow-tipped striped leaves, and firm texture. If you’re a fan of African plants and interior design, the Snake Plant is the one for you.
    Snake Plant
  4. Peace Lily: this plant is often known as one of the most needy plants. Not only does it require specific amounts of light and water, but it also droops and fails to flower if not treated correctly. This plant can be difficult to maintain if you have a real one, but artificial Peace Lilies negate this worry. Now, your bathroom can benefit from its gorgeous leaves and feminine shape without the hassle of plant maintenance!
    Peace Lily
  5. Olive Tree: who says these trees should be reserved for outdoor spaces in the Mediterranean? If you’re feeling adventurous and want to give your bathroom a bit of a holiday feel, an artificial Olive Tree is a great shout. Its soft leaves and black olives give any room a warm and soothing feel, so bring that feeling to your bathroom to enjoy each day. Plus, who wouldn’t want to feel like they’re bathing and brushing their teeth in the Mediterranean every morning?
    Olive Tree
  6. Inch Plant: also known as the Zebrina pendula and is a species of spiderwort. Its striking purple leaves feature unique silver markings that make it a great visual centerpiece for your bathroom. If you buy one that’s trailing, you can use it as you would any other hanging plant. But you can also buy artificial Inch Plants that are bushy and bulbous, which also look great. This unusual plant’s colors can stand out in a bathroom since the most common colors for bathrooms are white and cream.
    Inch Plant
  7. Hanging Willow: give your bathroom a fairy-tale feel with a hanging willow plant. Much like a miniature version of Ivy, this plant’s long and flowing leaves look amazing flowing out of a hanging plant pot. Place this above your bath for an inspiring, forest-like feeling every time you sink into a warm bath, or above your sink to frame your mirror. This is a particularly good choice if you want plenty of foliage but are limited on space.


We hope this article has got your brain ticking and thinking about all the possibilities for your bathroom(s) - remember, while we’ve given you plenty of suggestions here, there are no rules provided you keep things functional. Start browsing our range of artificial plants and trees now to find the perfect artificial plants for your bathroom makeover.





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