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Ultimate Guide to Buying Artificial Topiary Trees

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Artificial Topiary Trees

Looking after topiary trees and plants is particularly difficult. Without specialist pruning and care, there is always the danger that you could trim them too much or let them grow out so much it’s impossible to get back the shape you wanted them in. Fortunately, modern artificial topiary trees give you all the benefits of real topiary trees with none of the maintenance. 

Artificial topiary trees are a beautiful addition to any home or business, inside or out. They add an element of class and elegance that other plants simply don’t offer. So, you’re sure artificial topiary trees are the right choice for your home or business, but how do you buy the right ones? Here’s everything you need to know!


What You Need to Consider When Choosing an Artificial Topiary Tree

There are a couple of things that you should consider when choosing an artificial topiary tree for your space:

Single Ball Topiary



First is location. Where are you looking to put your artificial topiary tree? The location you choose plays an important part in deciding both the size of your new artificial plant as well as the type of plant as different textures can give different feels. You also need to think about whether or not it needs to be designed for outdoor use, since it will need UV protection to last well outside. Most topiary trees are designed to be suitable outside, but always check the description.

Different types of artificial topiary tree

Once you know where you want to put your new artificial topiary plant, you can think about the different types to decide which you prefer for your space. Here are the most popular species used for topiary that you can find artificial versions of:

  • Artificial Boxwood: boxwood is a traditional topiary plant that can bring elegance to any outdoor space. Think, classic English walled garden. Artificial boxwood plants like ours show beautifully shiny, smooth leaves, just like real boxwood.
  • Artificial Cypress/Cedar: cypress or cedar will add a little character to your home or outdoor space with dense, feathery foliage that is deep green in color. You will find that this type of plant gives a fuller effect than other options and often has a softer look about it than the sharper boxwood.
  • Artificial Bay: bay trees are the perfect plant if you are looking for something refined but with a rustic look to it. Real bay trees are particularly susceptible to disease, leaving unsightly brown spots and patches, so it’s best to go with artificial bay trees if you’re more interested in how they look than the plant themselves. With dark green, shiny leaves, an artificial bay plant will look just like the real thing without discoloration.


8 Types of Artificial Topiary Trees

Types of Artificial Topiary Trees

Let’s take a closer look at the types of artificial topiary trees so that you can get a better idea of what will work in your space.

  • Artificial Boxwood Tower: The artificial boxwood tower is a very traditional shape for any outdoor space. With a tapered top, and visible wooden trunk this type of artificial topiary tree will work well outside your front door, on a patio, or along garden pathways. The version we’ve linked here has a natural, slightly softer finish, but you can also get this style with a very tidy edge if that suits your needs better.
  • Artificial Boxwood Single Ball: The artificial boxwood single ball can add character to your space with that ‘lollipop’ effect. This is the perfect shape to create an inviting entry to your home, and with realistic leaves and a real wooden trunk, your guests will never know the difference! You can also find this style as a bay tree.
  • Artificial Cypress Spiral: If you are looking for something that will add character, the artificial cypress spiral is the perfect addition to your home. This type of artificial topiary tree can add height to an existing planting scheme or bring high-end style into your home. This particular plant has a lovely soft look to it, which can make a great alternative to the sharper look of boxwood.
  • Artificial Boxwood Spiral: The artificial boxwood spiral gives a completely different feel than the cypress spiral with the real wood trunk showing through. This type of artificial topiary tree is ideal for your front door area, to dress up a patio, or to create a smarter driveway.

    This design would be difficult to achieve with real boxwood, but with our artificial version, you can just enjoy the look you have created without any maintenance. If you’re using it in or near your driveway or front door, consider using small spotlights pointed up at the tree for an especially classy look - you’ll be happier than ever to return to your home on dark winter evenings!
  • Artificial Boxwood Ball: If you’re looking for something a little different, an artificial boxwood ball could be just what you are looking for. This type of artificial topiary looks really stylish hanging from a wall bracket, like this one, or provides something unique when placed in a tall pot or planter. This is a particularly good choice if you’re looking to bring topiary inside, and while not a tree, can complement the trees you use inside or outside your home to create a better sense of flow from one space to the next.
  • Artificial Boxwood Triple Ball: The artificial boxwood triple ball is just like a sculpture with three topiary balls rising up a real wooden trunk. Place inside or outside the home to inject some style and sophistication into any space, though of course it works just as well outside. Place it along your garden path to feel like you’re spending time at an expensive English hotel or manor house.
  • Artificial Bay Ball Tree: If you are looking for something a little less formal, but still sculptured as topiary should be, you might want to consider an artificial bay ball. The larger leaves of the bay create a looser look that is more natural and rustic than boxwood. This would be a great addition to a patio or any paved outdoor space.
  • Artificial Bay Cone: A pair of artificial bay cones will create the perfect frame to a front (or back!) door or create a focal point in a garden or patio. The full but loose foliage gives a more natural look to an otherwise sculptured shape.




How to Choose the Right Size Topiary Tree

Right Size Topiary Tree

Choosing the right size artificial topiary tree is no less important than choosing the type of artificial topiary you like.

If your artificial topiary plant is too small for your space it may look a little silly, but a plant that is too large will look too grand and out of proportion for a smaller home or outside space.

Take the time to measure the space you are looking to place your new artificial topiary so that you know exactly which size will work. One of the great things about artificial plants is that they maintain their shape, meaning that if it fits well in that space, it will always fit well in that space!

Consider both the width of the plant as well as the height against your entryway or furniture to figure out what size will be best. You want something that looks like it was made for your space, rather than something you just grabbed when out shopping.

Don’t forget that the pot you choose will also make a difference to the height of your artificial topiary plant. We’ll discuss the best pot for your topiary a little later, but just remember that a plant stand will add a considerable amount of height, whereas a ceramic pot or basket may only add a few centimeters.


9 Ways to Style Artificial Topiary Trees

Style Artificial Topiary Trees

Styling your artificial topiary trees plays an important role in dictating the feel of your space. You will probably want to take some time to experiment with different ideas and see what works in your space, but if you want a little help, here are some ideas for how to style or artificial topiary plants:

  1. Place in neutral colored pots (such as slate, stone, or granite color) on either side of your front door on top of stone or gravel for inviting elegance.
  2. Add some LED fairy lights to your artificial cypress spiral for a simple, understated Christmas tree indoors or just as soft, evening lighting in your outside space.
  3. Place an artificial topiary tree on either side of a large bay window, either inside or out, to draw the eye.
  4. Use artificial topiary trees to frame doorways.
  5. Add to an outdoor living space, such as a covered patio or conservatory, to make a seamless connection between indoors and outdoors.
  6. Use one topiary tree in an empty corner of a hallway - they are generally narrow so the perfect choice for this space.
  7. Use them to line garden paths and longer driveways.
  8. Place them in the corners of the dining room for understated elegance.
  9. Use small artificial topiary balls in pots inside to compliment the topiary trees you have elsewhere in the home or outside.


5 Best Pots for Artificial Topiary Trees

Best Pots for Artificial Topiary Trees

Another huge benefit of artificial plants is the fact that they don’t need to be watered or re-potted to give them more space to grow. This means that you can choose any pot you like to fit with your interior decor or to hold up to all weathers and you won’t have to change it unless you want to.

Many artificial topiary trees are tall, so make sure you choose a planter that is at least a third as tall as the tree and a third as wide. Don’t be afraid to use taller planters as the combination of a tall planter with the refined look of topiary trees looks particularly refined, you just need to make sure they’re positioned in a place where it makes sense to have such grand plants.

We have a range of pots and planters for you to choose from depending on the size of the topiary you choose and the feel you are looking to create in your space. Since topiary is an elegant and traditional plant style, we recommend choosing a neutral color, but don’t be afraid to play around with texture!

Our top pot recommendations for your artificial topiary trees include:

  1. Capi Square Ribbed Nature Planter
  2. Elho Loft Urban Square High
  3. Capi Urban Smooth Square Planter
  4. Elho b.for Soft Round
  5. Capi Urban Smooth Rectangle Planter


While these are all great suggestions, don’t be afraid to play around and see what works best for you and your home!


Where can I buy realistic artificial topiary trees?

Our range of realistic artificial topiary trees provides you with the beauty and elegance of real topiary without the struggle of keeping them alive and in the right shape!

From traditional, tightly formed boxwood to soft, rustic cypress trees, we have a style to suit you in a shape that will enhance your space, whether that be a ball, tower or spiral. Browse our full range of artificial topiary trees now and upgrade your interior or exterior space.





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