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12 Best Huge Houseplants That Make a Statement in Your Home

Are you looking for a tall, striking plant that will grab the attention of everyone who looks at it? Are you also considering an artificial plant due to its many benefits, including low maintenance levels and lower overall cost? Then look no further, because we’ve compiled a list of some of the biggest and best houseplants to make a statement anywhere in your home.  

A good selection of plants can turn any home into a stunning jungle oasis, and these large plants are becoming more and more popular in all types of homes. Before we get into the list, let’s take a look at why big and leafy artificial plants are so brilliant. 


I want a huge plant for my home! Why should I go with an artificial plant over a real one? 

big artificial plant


We all love plants – we’re all drawn to things that are green, leafy, and welcoming. A plant placed in the entrance to a building often mimics a host greeting their guests with open arms. Real plants are said to benefit the air in our home, but artificial plants are just as effective as real plants at improving our mental health. As it turns out, it’s mainly the appearance of plants that boosts our mood, so the “realness” of a plant doesn’t make much of a difference! Studies have shown that certain real plants have air-purifying qualities, but you’d need to have a lot of plants in one room to see much difference in the air’s quality. You also have to keep them alive and happy, which can be a big challenge.

Artificial plants require little to no maintenance, other than the occasional wipe down if they get a little dusty. If you keep your artificial plant inside, you don’t have to think about it deteriorating in the harsh sunlight, especially in the UK! There’s no worrying about sourcing a new pot if they become overgrown, and you don’t have to get your hands messy repotting them every couple of months. This is particularly important if you live in a flat and don’t have storage for big, bulky bags of soil!

Artificial plants are also more cost-effective in the long run – there’s no money spent on expensive fertilisers, watering cans or misters, new pots, and fresh soil. Plus, you don’t ever have to move them from room to room trying to figure out where they like it best. The last thing you want when we’re talking about these big, beautiful plants is to have to move them. You can place an faux plant in the darkest, driest room of your home and it’ll look beautiful all year round. You can go on a well-earned holiday without having to enlist a neighbour to visit and water your collection of plants twice a week. What’s not to love?

Artificial plants are also child- and pet-proof! Many real plants trigger allergies and can be toxic, to both humans and our beloved pets, so artificial is the best choice if you’re at all worried that someone may chew something they’re not supposed to.  

Now that we know why artificial plants make such great additions to your home, let’s get down to that list of the best statement plants.

12 Best Statement Houseplants

1.     Monstera deliciosa

Monstera Artificial Plant

Over the last couple of years, the mighty monstera plant has soared in popularity. Despite this, some mystery remains when it comes to caring for it and which plants are true members of the monstera family. The monstera deliciosa is probably the best-known variety, but several other plants are sold under the general name "monstera." Different varieties grow differently, but since you’ve chosen to go artificial, you can choose whichever variety best suits your space. The monstera deliciosa is more commonly known as the Swiss cheese plant due to its holey leaves that resemble Swiss cheese. It’s native to Mexico’s tropical forests, but it’s popping up in more and more homes in the UK. Invest in a big, beautiful artificial monstera for a spacious hallway or corner of a bedroom.


2.     Fiddle-leaf fig

Artificial Ficus Tree

This gorgeous tree has become one of the most iconic house plants with its huge leaves and feminine shapes. The fiddle-leaf fig is a well-known member of the Ficus family, and it complements almost any decor style while adding a lovely pop of colour. Many people also opt for artificial fiddle-leaf fig when decorating as the real thing has quite the reputation as a diva.

The fiddle-leaf fig can be placed beside a sofa for a touch of living room drama or even next to your fridge for a leafy addition to your kitchen. This is a great choice if you’re lucky enough to have a big window or door looking out onto the garden or street outside from your kitchen.


3.     Elephant ear

The Calocasia or elephant ear is most commonly grown outside and its leaves can grow up to three feet long! Fortunately, that’s not an issue when you buy an artificial elephant ear. It’s a warm and welcoming plant that works well in any home or building’s entrance. The elephant ear would also work well in an office space as it creates airy foliage that inspires creativity and focus. Whether you place this plant in a cool, dark-coloured pot or a bright and heavily patterned pot, it looks great in any type of indoor setting. 


4.     Lipstick palm

Native to Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, this tropical tree adds a welcome splash of colour to any part of the home. The lipstick palm thrives in temperatures of 24 degrees Celsius and above and also does well in wet, swampy soil – not exactly how most of us want our homes to feel! Fortunately, an artificial lipstick palm allows us to have this brightly coloured statement plant in our homes without that swampy, humid greenhouse feeling.  

The lipstick palm is particularly unusual in that its trunk is the source of the colour, rather than a flower or leaf. It often has a bright orange or pink stem which looks great if you want to tie a room together with some other pink hues. 


5.     Rubber plant

rubber plant


Rubber plants make a bold statement in any area of your home or office. They have waxy and glossy leaves that add a chic feeling to any style of décor. Place one beside a slightly smaller artificial plant for a sweet pairing of plants! Many plant shops charge a lot of money for a rubber tree as they often come several feet high, but an artificial rubber plant is a much more affordable alternative. Pair a few in a single pot for a big, bushy looking rubber plant that is difficult to come across in nature.


6.     Money tree

The money tree is popular for its unique braided trunk and floppy, large foliage. The twisted trunk is its most unusual quality and makes it perfect for any living room or dining room setup. Also referred to as the Malabar chestnut or saba nut, the money tree was once believed to bring prosperity to the owner, but who’s to say an artificial money tree won’t bring that same positive energy? Place your artificial money tree in a big, bold pot to draw attention in a hallway or living space.




7.     Weeping fig tree

The Ficus Benjamina, also known as the weeping fig tree, creates a bold floor-to-ceiling feature and can fill any space with beautiful texture and height. The weeping fig tree brings an unusual feeling of bringing nature indoors and would work particularly well in a large, industrial kitchen or a minimally-designed living room. Not only is an artificial weeping fig a dramatic addition to any space, but it’s also extremely popular within the mid-century modern design movement. Real weeping fig trees do well with high ceilings and large windows, both of which are trademark design features of mid-century modern homes, but you can place your artificial weeping fig tree in any space big enough for this beautiful artificial plant.


8.     Bird of paradise

With its neon-coloured flowers that resemble a bird in flight, this stunning plant makes a great focal point for any room of the house. Birds of paradise have large, dramatic leaves and require a lot of care when real, so artificial is definitely best here! An artificial bird of paradise plant comes with the beautiful flowers it’s named after, so you don’t need to consider the fact that they rarely flower inside, even in warm countries.  


9.     Banana canna tree

artificial banana canna tree

If you’re into the tropical look or are looking for a large plant to warm up a minimalist space, an artificial banana tree is perfect for your home. Normally, the banana canna tree would take years and a lot of diligent maintenance to grow into a full-sized plant – and that means that a live banana tree is expensive and difficult to care for. But with this artificial alternative, you can achieve the same dramatic feel in your home without all that effort!

The artificial banana tree is the perfect way to add interest to an undecorated corner of any room, turning that space into a stunning focal point. Place it by a L-shaped staircase to enjoy the plant at all heights, or place it in a high-ceilinged room in a well-lit corner to make the most of the beautiful foliage.


10. Dragon tree

The dragon tree has slim and pointy leaves that fan out beautifully in shades of red and white, and artificial dragon trees keep this stunning colouring year round. Place this plant in a room with a neutral colour palette to really see it pop – or go for the maximalist look by placing it in front of a brightly coloured and patterned wallpaper.

Another bonus of an artificial dragon tree is that it doesn’t pose any health risks to pets – the real thing is toxic to dogs and cats, which can be dangerous as cats tend to enjoy playing with its pointy leaves!


11. Philodendron Xanadu

The Philodendron Xanadu is also known as the cut-leaf philodendron due to its unusual leaves that almost resemble seaweed. This perennial plant is native to Brazil, but it’s also popular as a landscape plant in tropical climates. Place artificial Philodendron Xanadu in front of a mirror for even more added drama, or beside a coffee table or shelving unit to juxtapose wood and foliage. 


12. Parlour palm

artificial palm tree

We know, this is the second palm tree on the list, but they’re so perfect for any indoor space that we had to include the mighty parlour palm! With its delicate leaves, this plant looks incredible beside an open window – it moves beautifully in the breeze and lends a classy air to any room. The parlour palm was extremely popular in interior design during the 1920s and it has since made a resurgence in modern design. Real parlour palms tend to be quite thirsty, so if you want to add a sleek yet playful atmosphere without the labour, an artificial parlour palm is the right one for you.  


How can I style these big, artificial plants in my home or office? 

plant stand


Here’s a quick list of some great ways to style your artificial plants:

  • Use unusual pots to add some visual interest. If you’ve decorated your home with a sleek, minimalist design, why not go for some contrast and find a brightly coloured or patterned pot? Not only will it add a splash of colour but it’ll also draw everyone’s attention to your beautiful new plant.
  • Create some variation of height by placing your larger plants beside something smaller. It’s also a good idea to pair up your plants or place them in groups of three- this is a popular technique in interior design. 
  • Elevate your plants by putting them in plant stands. This is an excellent way of making a room look bigger; if we can see the floor beneath a plant or piece of furniture, our eyes perceive the room to be larger than it is. Plant stands are also a great opportunity to tie a room together by choosing a complementary colour and material.
  • Use your large plants as room dividers. If you live in an open-plan flat, it can be helpful to divide rooms so that each space feels separate. Rather than buying bulky furniture or actual room dividers, why not place one of your leafy friends in-between two adjacent spaces to break things up a bit? 


When it comes to plants, bigger is often better, and you certainly don’t need a green thumb to maintain these artificial beauties. Whether you’re decorating your home and want to create a sense of drama or you’re figuring out the best way to add a statement piece to your office, a huge artificial plant is the way to go. One of the best things about artificial plants is the fact that you can place them wherever you like. Place a large monstera plant beside your bathtub for a whimsical feel or pop an oversized rubber plant in a dark corner of your office. You don’t need to factor in things like furniture blocking the sunlight or placing a plant up high so your pets can’t reach it, so the options are limitless!

Which artificial plant will you try out next? 



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