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Most Popular Artificial Plants in 2022 (Add These to Your Christmas List!)

While it’s time to start turning our backs on 2021, most of us are still reeling from the year that was 2020. Where has the time gone? While we are certainly happy to wave goodbye to the pandemic (hopefully for good!), there are a few things we hope will stick around: the trend for working from home, a new appreciation for our loved ones and the simple pleasures we find outside our front doors, and the pride we’ve found in improving our homes.

Houseplants, both real and artificial, have exploded in popularity over the past two years and the market is still growing. Plants bring physical beauty, help us feel more optimistic, and even help lower cortisol (the stress hormone) levels.

Of course, like all other aspects of décor, the most popular plants each year change, often with a few plants appearing in almost every home décor post on social media. So, which plants will be the most popular in 2022?


Most Popular Plants for 2022

1.     Artificial Chinese Money Plant

This plant has become increasingly popular amongst the green-fingered plant lovers, so naturally, artificial plant manufacturers are catching on. We’re likely to see this artificial plant start hitting shelves soon.

Surprisingly, this plant is actually part of the nettle family Urticaceae. It’s an evergreen plant that is native to Sichuan (yes, like the chicken!) and Yunnan provinces in China, with unique, shiny circular leaves.


Artificial Chinese Money Plant

How to style an artificial Chinese Money Plant:

  • Use it as a centrepiece on a dining table, mantlepiece, bedside table, or coffee table. It’s unique style can add new shapes and textures to any room it’s in.
  • Place it in a pot with a natural finish – the vibrant green of the leaves are allowed to shine against a stone, black, white, or terracotta pot.
  • If you’re determined to use a coloured pot, choose navy or yellow to get the most out of this beautiful plant, though a light pink or blush shade also works well.


2.     Artificial Bamboo

Okay, so artificial bamboo isn’t exactly hiding in the shadows, but it is set to become one of the most popular artificial plants found in people’s homes. People are more aware of their mental health than ever before and are leaning into traditionally Eastern practices, such as meditation and yoga.

Bamboo evokes the feeling of a zen garden, helping us to take a deep breath and relax. While real bamboo doesn’t generally make a good houseplant (most varieties are too tall, thick, or grow too quickly), artificial bamboo combats all those problems. Of course, without the worry of pruning and watering, you’ll be even more relaxed at the end of the day!

Artificial Bamboo Tree



How to style Artificial Bamboo plants:

  • Place in the bathroom (if you have space) to give it a spa-like feel. You’d be surprised how much the simple addition of an artificial bamboo plant can change your bath or shower time for the better!
  • Add to your home office for some workplace zen, or persuade your boss or office manager to let you do the same at work.
  • Opt for natural pots: wood, terracotta, slate, and stone offset the feathery, soft nature of bamboo and complement the natural colour of the stem.
  • If working with a green or black stemmed bamboo plant, you won’t go wrong with a black or white pot.
  • While you can never go wrong with a round pot, bamboo looks particularly good in small square planters. Better still, if you want to place your artificial bamboo in a relatively small square planter, it won’t look top heavy, just make sure that the width of the planter is at least two-thirds as wide as the widest point of your bamboo plant. Our Capi Nature Square planter in Ivory would be a great choice!




3.    Artificial Satin Pothos (AKA Silver Vine)

Satin Pothos, a kind of Pothos with soft, velvety leaves, has become one of the most popular varieties of Pothos over the past few years because so many influencers have it draped around their homes. While creating a realistic Satin Pothos would have once been too difficult for artificial plant manufacturers, there’s now just about nothing they can’t do, so we’ll likely see all kinds of different artificial Pothos plants joining our trailing artificial plants in 2022.

 Artificial Satin Pothos

How to style artificial Satin Pothos:

  • Make the most of those vines by placing it in a hanging pot. Macrame plant hangers are readily available and suit bathrooms, bedrooms, and bohemian décor – anywhere with a softer, more feminine touch to the décor.
  • Fix long vines to the wall to create an indoor jungle! This looks incredible in any area of the home, but over doorways is a particularly pretty and often unused space.
  • Place it on top of your kitchen cabinets or wardrobe and have the vines cascading down the side.
  • Feed the fines through the banister on your stairs and let them trail down the wall. Since they’re artificial, consider entwining them with tiny LED fairy lights or using small craft pegs to fix small polaroid pictures of you and your friends and family to the vines.


4.     Artificial Ferns 

The pandemic drove us inside, but it also helped us reconnect with nature as we found places to walk far away from others or longed to do so, when that wasn’t possible. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the unassuming artificial fern has won a place in our hearts as it represents so many British woodland walks. From terrariums to bookshelves and bathroom windowsills, the artificial fern will soon find a place in any artificial plant lover’s home, if it hasn’t already.

Artificial Ferns

How to style Artificial Ferns:

  • These beautiful artificial plants look at home in any room, from kitchen to bathroom to bedroom.
  • Place them beside furniture with hard lines to soften the look of the room.
  • Create (or buy) an artificial terrarium with a glass vase or container and place it on your coffee table or side table to bring a little bit of nature home with you.
  • Use hanging artificial ferns in your porch or by windows to bring the outside in.
  • Place them in a basket or metal bucket for a natural finish that looks almost accidental.




5.     Artificial Olive Trees

Artificial olive trees have become increasingly popular over the past year, so we expect 2022 to be even better for them! You’ve most likely spotted this gorgeous artificial plant inside or outside your favourite Italian or Greek restaurant, but why not invite one into your home?

The UK doesn’t get much in the way of Mediterranean weather, so why not remind yourself of those sunny holidays with an artificial olive tree? Even if you prefer our cooler temperatures, the relaxing green hues of an artificial olive tree make them the ideal choice of tree for any relaxed home.

Artificial Olive Tree


How to style an Artificial Olive Tree:

  • Place in a light-coloured dining room, ideally in a natural-finish pot.
  • A tall, skinny artificial olive tree is the ideal addition to a small entryway.
  • Artificial olive trees look at home in the kitchen, especially against a plain wall or besides a large window.


6.    Artificial Monstera

This plant would land a place on our most popular artificial plants of 2020 and 2021 because they’re just that popular. This plant, commonly known as the Swiss cheese plant, is revered for it’s large, vibrant, shiny leaves, each with “cut out” sections which give it the Swiss cheese plant nickname.


Artificial Monstera


How to style Artificial Monstera:

  • This plant makes an ideal focal point, so don’t be afraid to elevate it. A wide windowsill, plant stand, unused fireplace, or dresser are all good options. Consider placing a mirror behind it to increase the light and appreciate this artificial plant from every angle.
  • The curved nature of the leaves means you’re able to choose almost any pot, just make sure it works with your plant’s colouring. Dark pots work well, as do geometric shapes with harsher lines.


7.     Artificial Bird of Paradise Plant

Another plant that has been growing in popularity for some time, this South African plant looks, as you may expect, a little like a tropical bird! With large, paddle-shaped dark green leaves, it truly makes a statement, so if you plan to invest in one, make sure you’ve got a space available where it can take centre stage – this plant demands attention!

Live Bird of Paradise plants have orange, blue, and often pink flowers that look like the beak of a bird and it’s head feathers, which gave the plant its name, but generally you’ll find artificial Bird of Paradise plants without the flowers to ensure it has a timeless look.


Artificial Bird of Paradise Plant

How to style a Bird of Paradise plant: 

  • This incredible plant doesn’t require much help as it easily adds a touch of glamour to any space it inhabits. However, as we mentioned above, make sure you give this plant the space it deserves. Let it take up room in a large hallway, living room, or be the pride of place in your dining area.
  • This is another plant that works with almost any colour of pot, and if you want to choose something bold, you can go for it! A deep, round pot, such as a woven belly basket or a ceramic pot with a similar shape will complement the shape of the plant.
  • While this plant shines in light areas with white walls, don’t be afraid to place it in front of a dark coloured wall – this plant will stand out against the dark and add richness to the room, preventing it from feeling too two-dimensional.




8.     Artificial Areca Palm Tree  

Speaking of birds of paradise, why not bring another aspect of the tropics into your home? An artificial palm tree is a must have, and the quintessential Areca palm is the best of them all. With flowing foliage and thin leaves, this plant will bring a relaxing touch to any room, helping to warm the space with it’s nod to a more tropical setting.


Artificial Areca Palm Tree

How to style an Artificial Areca Palm Tree:

  • Large artificial Areca palm plants need very little help to look spectacular! The key here is simply not to shove them into a dark corner where their foliage can’t be fully appreciated.
  • For smaller Areca palm plants, like our 90cm version, feel free to raise them up in a plant stand or on a short bookcase or similar. Using a plant stand is an easy way to fill a room without making it feel too much smaller – the eye is drawn to the corners of the room, not where the plant starts, so by seeing the floor beneath the stand and the wall through the foliage, you won’t loose the impression of a larger space.
  • Place them in your kitchen! Palm plants are typically found in bedrooms and living rooms, but once in a while you see a palm plant in a kitchen and they look at home and soften the hard edges of the kitchen. Whether your kitchen be white, grey, or a deep, jewel tone, try putting your Areca palm beside the cabinets and prepare to be impressed!
  • Once again, very few colours of pot look “wrong” with an Areca palm, but if you want to get the best results, stick with neutral, natural colours, peach, lemon, or avocado coloured pot. Matt navy, black, forest green, or bronze are also beautiful.


Our range of artificial plants is always growing and we’re always so excited to see our artificial plants in the hands of our customers. Whether you’re looking to get your hands on a stunning Bird of Paradise, a quirky cheese plant, or simply some topiary for your front garden, we’ve got what you need! Click here to view our full range. Oh, and don’t forget to send links to your loved ones as not-so-subtle hints for your next gift!



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