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Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Tall Artificial Plants & Trees

Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Tall Artificial Plants & Trees

The world of artificial plants is ever-expanding and there are more varieties of realistic artificial plants on the market today than ever before. In the past, large artificial plants were difficult to come across or extremely expensive, but thankfully, today they’re much more affordable and easy to find.

If you’re looking for a tall artificial plant or tree to make a statement in or outside your home or place of business, you aren’t short for choice! From artificial palm trees to colorful artificial lemon trees, there are so many options that it can be hard to decide what to choose. Today, we’ll guide you through some of our favorites so you don’t spend hours aimlessly browsing for the right tall artificial plant!


Artificial Tall Plants

Why buy artificial tall plants?

One of the biggest reasons is the cost. With the ever-growing popularity of plants, artificial and live, costs have gone up. The big difference between the two when it comes to cost is that while an artificial plant can be manufactured to be the same size, a plant has to grow from a cutting or seed, and that’s not something that can be rushed.

That means that while a four-foot artificial tree will maintain the same price, as all the real four-foot artificial trees sell out, the remaining stock will accelerate in price as demand increases. If you’ve paid attention to real plants over the past decade, you’ll know just how true this is! Live plants are currently more expensive than ever, and that’s unlikely to change any time soon, especially in urban areas where demand is high but stock is low.

Other reasons to choose artificial are:

  • You don’t need to feed or water them
  • They offer many of the same mental health benefits
  • They don’t need pruning
  • You can’t kill them
  • You can pack them away if you need to and they’ll look just as good when you retrieve them
  • They don’t need a certain temperature or light to survive
  • They won’t wilt or die in humid areas


Best Tall Artificial Plants and Trees for Indoors 

Best Tall Artificial Plants and Trees for Indoors

Artificial Lemon Tree

Living in the UK means that growing a citrus tree outside is a rather sad affair, and even keeping one going indoors can be a lost cause, unless you’ve got a warm, dedicated orangery. (We should be so lucky!) However, you’d be surprised how beautiful an artificial lemon tree can look in any British home. Our artificial lemon tree has a beautiful, natural twisting trunk that makes it at home in the living room or dining room, but if you’ve got the space, its perfect location is in the kitchen!




Artificial Bamboo Tree

If there’s one tall artificial plant that is perfect for any indoor location, it’s artificial bamboo. With beautiful tall, light brown stems and abundant soft green foliage, it works in any space, from offices to bathrooms and everything in between. Our artificial bamboo tree even has real bamboo stems.


Artificial Philodendron

These plants have dense foliage with big, wide green leaves. While this plant is typically a viney plant that climbs, you can find artificial philodendrons that are shaped like a tree and make a statement in any space you want a plant with dense foliage from top to bottom.


Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

You’ll see these plants in just about every home décor picture on Instagram – they’re tall and generally skinny, with big, round, dark leaves fanning out from a center stem. This is the perfect choice for a well-lit space, or use a spotlight below or above to light the plant if you’re using it in a dark corner so the dark leaves are illuminated.


Artificial Bird of Paradise Plant

These plants are breathtaking, real or fake, though many people believe that the real thing looks fake so there’s little point trying to keep a real one alive! Regardless, they offer a beautiful statement and are a perfect choice of tall artificial plant for any large space.


Artificial Banana Canna

artificial banana canna

The banana canna looks similar to the bird of paradise plant but has pointed, tidy leaves. Our artificial banana canna tree is a huge 2m tall, so if you’re looking for that perfect tropical plant for any high-ceilinged room, this is it.


Artificial Monstera

Monstera is another popular tall artificial plant and has big, wide leaves with gaps between each frond. Most have rich, dark green glossy leaves that catch the light beautifully in any room.


Artificial Ficus Tree

The artificial ficus tree is one of the most popular tall artificial trees available, in part thanks to the different looks available. The ficus has unique, small, leaves that are often lighter underneath. The trunks are generally straight, but most artificial ficus trees have natural, gently twisting trunks – our artificial ficus tree has a real wood trunk which adds to the beauty.


Artificial Areca Palm Tree

Palm trees are always a good choice of tall artificial plant, and there are numerous varieties available. Our artificial Areca palm tree has vibrant green silk leaves that are soft to touch, and have a natural look. All palms have a relaxing nature, perfect for a home oasis, but are equally at home in vibrant, tropical rooms.




Artificial Yucca Plant

Most artificial yucca plants are relatively small in size (around 90cm tall), but you can also find options well over a meter tall which make a beautiful statement in a narrow space. Make sure you choose one with a realistic or, ideally, real-wood trunk since the trunk of this plant is as eye-catching as the leaves.


Artificial Snake Plant

Snake plants are generally found in smaller sizes, but you can also find some statement options that are at least 90cm tall. This is another good choice for narrow areas, especially if you want an infusion of nature without voluminous foliage. Go for the classic snake plant with yellow edges to the leaves for a splash of color, or find a darker version without the yellow and soft, silver-grey stripes running up the leaves.


Artificial Olive Tree

faux olive tree indoor


Our artificial olive tree is another beautiful choice of tall artificial tree and is perfect for almost any home because they fit in small spaces and don’t leave you walking face-first into foliage every time you walk by. The muted green shade of the leaves has a relaxing hue and the small fake olives are as cute as they are realistic.




Artificial Eucalyptus Tree

Artificial eucalyptus trees are such a beautiful addition to your home that you’ll likely struggle to keep just one or two in your home and end up with one in every room, but they certainly don’t get old. On-trend and relaxing to be around, our artificial eucalyptus tree is always a winner.



Best Tall Artificial Plants and Trees for Outdoors  

Best Tall Artificial Plants and Trees for Outdoors


There are also plenty of tall artificial plants for outside use, you simply need to make sure that any tall artificial plant or tree you choose is specifically designed to be kept outside. While almost any artificial plant is waterproof, some more sensitive and realistic indoor plants and flowers aren’t, and any plant needs to be UV-resistant. This will protect the leaves and any flowers from fading. If you want to learn more about UV resistance and what you need to look for, we have a guide you can read here: Everything You Need to Know About UV Resistant Artificial Plants & Trees.

Don’t forget you can plant your artificial outdoor plants in planters or straight into the ground, so you aren’t confined to using tall artificial plants on your patio or porch. If you choose to plant straight into the ground, we do recommend using a little sand or gravel around the travel pot the plant comes in to assist in drainage and ensure your artificial plant has a long life.


Artificial Bamboo Tree

Artificial bamboo looks just as good outside as they do inside, especially in urban gardens, balconies, and courtyards. Use them for natural screening, either to give you privacy or to hide a fence or wall or simply place them in a planter and enjoy!


Artificial Cypress Tree

Artificial cypress trees are generally shaped as topiary, but you do also get much more relaxed shapes. Our artificial cypress spirals are a popular choice for outside use, are perfect for porches, but look incredible just about anywhere you place them!


Artificial Boxwood Tower Tree

Another popular choice if you like topiary shapes is boxwood, and the good news about using artificial topiary is you don’t have to attempt to maintain the shape! Our artificial boxwood tower trees have a natural finish, emphasized by a real wooden trunk.


Other Artificial Boxwood Topiary Shapes

As we touched on above, artificial boxwood topiary plants are ideal for outdoor use, and you can also get them in balls, either single or multiple, spirals, animals, squares, rectangles, and more!


Artificial Bay Tree

Artificial bay trees are also usually classified as topiary, as you’ll often find them shaped into balls, but they have a unique look that makes them shine. Their leaves are generally dark green and thick, with dense, small leaves. They’re the perfect addition to any outside space and you’ll find that most people think they’re real, especially if you plant them in soil! 


How to Clean Tall Artificial Plants

How to Clean Tall Artificial Plants


Tall artificial plants can tie a room together, but certain types can also catch dust. They’re not often difficult to clean, but it’s a good idea to learn how to best clean any tall artificial plant you have so it doesn’t take you long to give it a dust off when you clean. Outdoor tall artificial plants likely won’t need any attention from you unless there’s a particularly dry spell without wind, since wind and rain will keep the plant clean.

Here are a few of the best ways to keep large artificial plants clean:

  • Take a large paintbrush and dust over the foliage with quick movements from the top to bottom to shake the dust off. The bigger the brush and the foliage, the less time this will take, but even a dense plant with small leaves will only take a few minutes.
  • Use a hairdryer if you need to blast the dust off fast, but just be aware that it’s going to be messy! Combine it with a vacuum cleaner for the best results, and ideally, only do this if you’ve just got a call that your in-laws are going to arrive for a surprise visit in ten minutes!
  • Use a damp cloth if you’d rather collect the dust than brush it into the air or onto the floor. Simply dampen a cloth (don’t use tissue, since it will fall apart and leave tissue debris on the foliage) and wipe away the dust. This is particularly useful if you’ve not cleaned the plant in a while and the dust is thick. Make sure you don’t use any cleaning products (like polish) and use cold water so you don’t have to risk any dye or other finishes off of the leaves or petals.


There are so many quality tall artificial plants and trees out there nowadays, that it can be hard to choose! However, with this guide, we’ve hopefully narrowed down your wishlist. If you need further guidance, read our post 5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Artificial Plants and Trees, which will take you through everything you need to consider when making your choice.

Things to consider when choosing the best artificial trees


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